Intense confrontation between Pinay and taxi driver caught on video

Intense confrontation between Pinay and taxi driver caught on video

- A woman was caught with an intense confrontation with an old taxi driver and it took the Internet to the storm

- The woman's car and the old man's taxi got too close too each other and apparently it made the Filipina out of rage

- A witness immediately recorded the incident and posted the video

The video is originally posted by Joshua Baluyot on his Facebook.

In a video obtained by KAMI, it can be seen that the woman is outraged and continually would not leave the poor old man alone.

Joshua Baluyot captioned,

"Kawawa naman si manong taxi driver

NOTE: Pumunta tong Babaeng to sa Shop namin TAPOS Tumawag pinipilit Pinapabura tong Video. Tapos kakasuhan din ako akala niya wala tayong alam sa Batas Hahaha.. Merry na ang Christmas mo maam:)


Another angry netizen named Kirk Barbosa is furious about the incident.

He revealed the name of the woman and even informed to the company she has been working on about the incident she committed.

He stated:

"Hi VXI PH VXI Global Solutions Muñoz

This is to let you know that one of your employees named CHERISH SHARMAINE INTERIOR SLAPPED AN OLD TAXI DRIVER, because "apparently" the cars they were both driving got too close to each other earlier today. Also, according to some witnesses this woman allegedly hit the poor driver with a golf club.

Most of us have family members who are elderly and I am very angry that this kind of attitude exists! This old man is just trying to earn a decent amount of money for a living, and NO ONE IS ALLOWED, WHATEVER YOUR STATUS IN LIFE, TO HURT ANOTHER HUMAN BEING. Our elders deserve their dignity and our respect!"

We hope you will firmly stick with your principle. We hope you will not tolerate and employ this woman in your company. Please, do not let this woman represent your company!"

A commentor on the Facebook Ambag Bayan stated,

"Nag cut raw yung taxi. Pinagalitan nya yung taxi driver bakit raw nag cut at baka maaksidente sila. Kumuha pa raw ng "golf club" ang babae at hinampas ang pintuan ng taxi pero hindi ito nakuha sa video.Nag sorry ang taxi driver pero patuloy parin yung babae."

KAMI wishes the old man good health and the incident to be fixed at all cost.

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