Mocha Uson nagreact sa pambabatikos ng netizens sa apo ni Duterte! PCOO Asec calls for public’s understanding of Isabelle’s pre-debut pictorial

Mocha Uson nagreact sa pambabatikos ng netizens sa apo ni Duterte! PCOO Asec calls for public’s understanding of Isabelle’s pre-debut pictorial

- Mocha Uson came to Isabelle Duterte’s defense about her controversial picture in the Palace

- Uson pointed out that Duterte’s teenage granddaughter was lambasted on social media as if she is a murderer

- PCOO Asec stressed the public should give Duterte’s family some privilege, citing what the President has done for the nation

The latest controversy over President Rodrigo Duterte’s granddaughter Isabelle, who had her pre-debut pictorial inside the Palace, seems to have not quiet down yet.

In fact, known Duterte supporter and Presidential Communications Operations Office (PCOO) Assistant Secretary Margaux “Mocha” Uson also reacted over the issue. KAMI learned that Uson defended Isabelle from critics and furious netizens through a Facebook post published on Saturday.

According to Uson, she really didn’t want to make a comment on the issue. However, she felt she needed to say her piece because the presidential granddaughter was being condemned as if she is a killer.

“Ayaw ko na po sana mag comment patungkol dito,” Uson wrote, as per GMA News. “Pero naawa ako sa apo ni PRRD. Na kung ikundena ng ilang tao ay akala mo nakapatay na yung tao."

Uson also emphasized that no government funds were used for the said photo shoot. She added that the photo shoot was far from those who have “used the government’s helicopter and spend for personal campaigning, which seemed to take a jab at the previous Aquino administration.

“First of all, were any public funds spent because his granddaughter had her picture taken in Malacañang?” Uson asked, as Bandera quoted. “If there was none, it is not wrong for the President’s granddaughter to have her picture taken there. What is wrong is to use the government’s helicopter and spend for personal campaigning.”

Moreover, Uson also defended the president and his family against those who attacked them. The reason? The said pictorial was in contrary to the image that they exemplified, which is living in simple means and lifestyle.

Uson, however, said that it is a common tradition among Filipinos whether rich or poor to spent for their children’s debut. She added that it is a privilege for the First Family to use the Malacañang Palace.

The PCOO assistant secretary also urged the public to give Isabelle some understanding, saying “she is just proud and excited” for having a grandfather who is also the president of the country.

"Sa dami dami ng magagandang ginawa ng kanyang Lolo bigyan naman natin ng konting pribilehiyo yung pamilya ng Pangulo," she added.

Meanwhile, Isabelle is Paolo Duterte's eldest child with ex-wife Lovelie Sangkola Sumera. It also remains unclear whether Isabelle and her team violated a law under Executive Order No. 310 s. 2004 because of the photo shoot.

Meanwhile, as Isabelle Duterte turns 18 next year, perhaps she could relate to our video below about teenagers. For more clips, check out KAMI's official YouTube channel.


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