Di keri ang mga kabit?! Sunshine Dizon admits feeling no sympathy for mistresses or ‘the other women’

Di keri ang mga kabit?! Sunshine Dizon admits feeling no sympathy for mistresses or ‘the other women’

- Sunshine Dizon explained why she never feels any sympathy for mistresses

- Kapuso actress revealed she is civil and co-parenting with estranged husband Timothy Tan

- Sunshine also admitted that she did not have any hard time choosing between “Encantadia” and “Ika-6 Na Utos”

After experiencing it firsthand, Kapuso star Sunshine Dizon candidly shared her thoughts about mistresses aka “the other women.” In a recent interview, Shine admitted that she does not feel any sympathy for those women who caused a lot of pain to a family.

Shine’s current afternoon TV series on GMA 7, “Ika-6 Na Utos,” tackles infidelity and the concept of other women. Shine is no stranger to the plot as she personally experienced it that led to a legal battle with her estranged husband Timothy Tan.

But when she was asked about feeling any compassion or pity toward the mistresses, KAMI learned that the 34-year-old actress does not feel any at all.

“Hindi! Ha! Ha! Ha!” Shine promptly responded, as Bandera quoted. “Hindi ko keri. I don’t want to be associated with certain people that I know caused a lot of pain para sa maliliit na bata, sa pamilya.”

“Kasi okay lang kung single o hiwalay. ‘Yung ganoon,” she added. “Pero ‘yung alam mong may pamilya, hindi ko maatim magkaroon ng sympathy. Hindi ko keri talaga… Kasi feeling ko, marami namang lalaki sa mundo! Hindi ka mauubusan, Day!”

Even though she knew some women who caused a breakup of other acquaintance, Shine honestly said that she is avoiding those kind of women. The Kapuso drama actress stressed that she “does not want to be associated with people” that she knew caused “a lot of pain” to the children and the family.

Shine also explained that it will be a different story if both parties are separated or single or if the woman was fooled by the man who pretended to be single. However, if the woman knows there is a family involved, then she cannot sympathize with them.

As for her family, Sunshine also shared some details about their current family setup. According to Shine, she and Tim are very civil towards each other and they are co-parenting their two children — Anton and Doreen.

“I am okay with that kasi pro-family,” Shine shared. “Yung mga anak ko, okay naman. Masaya sila.”

“Nakakasama nila ‘yung dad nila,” she continued. “Sometimes, Tim and I, we still go out as a family. Dinner. We attend school events as a family, I am okay with that. Kasi masaya ang mga anak ko.”

Shine, however, stressed that reconciliation as a couple seemed to be impossible at the moment. She also revealed that she is not even “super friends” with Tim, PEP.ph noted.

For this Christmas, Shine also revealed that her family will spend the holidays in the U.S. and Tim will be joining them.

Meanwhile, Shine revealed that she was supposed to appear on the “Encantadia” remake but she was pulled out to join the cast of “Ika-6 Na Utos.” Fortunately, Shine didn’t have a hard time deciding on what show to give up.

“Hindi naman ako nahirapan mag-decide,” Shine said. “Actually, ang GMA, pag pinapagawa sa akin na drama, nagkakataon na palaging ganoon. It’s either ipu-pull out ako for another or new show pero kadalasan, parang biglaan.”

KAMI admires Shine's strengths in dealing with the challenges in her marriage. And speaking of relationships, we also have a few videos that tackle relationships and infidelity issues on KAMI's official YouTube channel.

Source: KAMI.com.gh

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