Savage! Saab Magalona fires back at Rey Pumaloy’s fiery FB post

Savage! Saab Magalona fires back at Rey Pumaloy’s fiery FB post

- Rey Pumaloy of Abante Tabloid was recently called out by Saab Magalona for his article about Saab and Maxene's photos during the latter's bachelorette party.

- She pointed out that the article written maliciously to gain more readers or just a 'click bait'.

- Saab fires back after the writer posted fiery Facebook status.

Saab Magalona is known for being out spoken. She even had been bashed for speaking out her mind.

That is why, she did not hesitate calling out to a writer who wrote a malicious article about her picture and also of her sister Maxene's picture in two-piece swimsuit.

KAMI learned about their heated exchange via Fashion PULIS.

Most of the netizens agreed with Saab's opinion that the article is indeed written maliciously.

However, on the Facebook account of Rey Pumaloy, posted a meaningful blow which is intended to a specific person.

A netizen sent a screenshot of this post to Saab. Though the writer did not mention any name, netizens knew who he was referring to.

Some even criticized him for posting such message and still one of them even dared him to say it directly to Saab and tagged her to which she replied with an emoji.

In a separate tweet, Saab posted a screenshot of the writer's Facebook post and sarcastically fired back.

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