Not a material girl?! Maymay Entrata shares past experience that made her realize what’s more important in life

Not a material girl?! Maymay Entrata shares past experience that made her realize what’s more important in life

- Despite being one of the industry’s fast-rising stars, Maymay Entrata managed to stay humble

- Maymay also realized that it’s essential to value people more in life rather than material things

- Maymay posted on Instagram about the impact one stranger had in her life

Maymay Entrata became a household name after her victory on the hit ABS-CBN reality show, “Pinoy Big Brother: Lucky Season 7.” Maymay has indeed proven her worth as one of the fast-rising young celebrities in the entertainment industry.

Despite the blinding lights of showbiz, Maymay has managed to keep her feet on the ground. Based on the reports that KAMI learned, the Star Magic star recently posted an Instagram message that hinted about how a previous encounter with a stranger has changed her perspective in life.

According to Star Cinema, the 20-year-old Kapamilya singer/actress helped a less fortunate man on the street when she was in second-year high school. At the time, Entrata and her family were struggling to make ends meet.

However, the smile from the stranger she helped really made an impact in her life.

Due to that encounter, Maymay realized what is more significant in life. And that is valuing people and your loved ones rather than dwell on the temporary worth of material things.

This attitude also helped Maymay to remain humble in spite of all the blessings she got in her showbiz career.

"Isa sa mga kuwento ng buhay ko ang nagpamulat sa akin sa isang ngiti na hindi mapapantayan ng kahit anong kayamanan sa mundo," Maymay started her post.

Because of her good deed, the "La Luna Sangre" actress also admitted that the encounter made her feel happy and her life became much easier.

“Hindi ko alam kung anong mararamdaman ko nung time na yun… umuwi ako na ‘masaya,’” Maymay added. “Ngiting di napapantayan ng kahit ano. Simula nun, mas napadali ang takbo ng buhay ko. “

Maymay continued that she don’t focus on problems anymore, saying she chooses to be happy and help others whenever she could get a chance. She also emphasized that life is not forever and only God knows the end of it.

“Dinadaan ko na lang ang mga problema at mas piniling maging Masaya at tumulong lalo na kapag may pagkakataon,” Maymay shared. “Pagkakataong nakakapagbago ng buhay ng ibang tao. Dahil sa mundong ginagalawan natin ay hindi pang habang buhayat tanging Diyos lang ang nakakaalam kung kalian matatatapos ang lahat ng to.”

Meanwhile, KAMI commends Maymay's humility. She is indeed an inspiration to many teenagers.

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