Vice Ganda trips on stage as he laughs on what Anne Curtis did

Vice Ganda trips on stage as he laughs on what Anne Curtis did

- Anne Curtis was making a tease of herself by making faces while singing on "It's Showtime"

- During the time, Vice Ganda could not help himself but laugh and eventually trips on stage

- Vice, Anne, and the audience can be heard laughing out loud because of the two teasing each other and most especially, Vice Ganda's fall on stage

Vice Ganda is definitely known for his ability to make people laugh with his jokes and comment about others. However, a new video shows that Vice can be funny, even unintentionally!

In a Youtube video obtained by KAMI on ABS CBN Entertainment Channel, it can be seen that bost "It's Showtime" hosts are making everyone laugh out loud once again.

The "It's Showtime" host recently caught the audience and Anne's attention after he accidentally fell of the stage while having a laugh with his co-host Anne Curtis.

After he fell, both him and Anne Curtis together with the contestant and audience laughed out loud as the contestant can be seen concerned with Vice Ganda as soon as he trips.

In the video, it can be seen that Vice Ganda asked Anne Curtis to do the silly act while singing once again even after his fall.

Anne Curtis can be seen questioning on doing it again, but does it anyway for his co-host Vice Ganda.

It turns out Vice Ganda is having too much fun on teasing Anne Curtis.

You can watch the funny video below:

KAMI loves to see these hosts in "It's Showtime" so bubbly and happy altogether!

"It's Showtime" is definitely always a fun show for Filipinos. KAMI wants to share another fun video that you would love to watch below! And might also want to try it with your friends.


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