‘May the Force be with you!’ Filipino cancer patient becomes real-life Jedi after getting a video message from ‘Star Wars’ actor Mark Hamill

‘May the Force be with you!’ Filipino cancer patient becomes real-life Jedi after getting a video message from ‘Star Wars’ actor Mark Hamill

- “Star Wars” actor Mark Hamill impressed with Filipino boy Eli’s good deeds by donating his toys to other kids with cancer

- 10-year-old avid “Star Wars” fan got a video message from Hamill

- Hamill skipped the promotions of the “Star Wars: The Force Awakens” film in 2015 to visit children’s hospitals

A 10-year-old Filipino cancer patient named as Eli got the attention of “Star Wars” actor Mark Hamill. As one avid “Star Wars” fan, Eli had the opportunity to get a video message from Hamill four days before his death.

KAMI learned that Eli was diagnosed with acute myeloid leukemia, a severe blood cancer, in November 2016. Eli reportedly caught the attention of Hamill after the actor learned that he donated his toys to other children battling cancer.

“To me you’re the real hero,” Hamill told Eli through a video message. “I’m playing a hero but that was just pretend. What you’re doing makes you a hero in real life.”

Through the help of the 501st Legion, a group of Star Wars fans who dressed up and visited hospitals helped in the distribution of Eli’s toys at the Philippine Children’s Medical Hospital. But Eli’s last words after watching the video and Hamill’s message, touched her mom so much.

“After that video, he really said in verbatim na ‘Mom, ako na yata ang pinakamasuwerteng bata may cancer,” Eli’s mom said. “For him to say that, parang nakakagaan ng loob. It gives us strength na laban lang tayo.”

Eli, however, died four days after seeing Hamill’s message. But his mother still wants to thank the actor for making Eli feel special.

Hamill, on the other hand, expressed his sympathy. He added that it was one of the most rewarding but the hardest thing he has done.

“My job is to make them all laugh. I’m just a clown, I’m a jester,” Hamill stated. “I save my tears for the car ride home. But oh boy, you know… just seeing stuff like that… I’m so glad that I could’ve brought some semblance of happiness to him in his final days.

Meanwhile, Eli may not have won the battle against cancer. But according to Hamill, Eli's battle to keep the good makes him a real life Jedi.

For the past four decades, “Star Wars” has proven its appeal and success as the franchise stayed relevant to pop culture and to its fans worldwide. However, Hamill has found a new meaning to his Jedi role when the actor was made to skip the promotions of the 2015 “Star Wars: The Force Awakens” film to visit children’s hospital.

“I am meaningful to young people, that’s all I should do!” Hamill told Marie Lozano during an interview for ABS-CBN News. “And I try and working on as much of that kind of charity works as I can.”

As Eli proved that he was a good child, KAMI has posted a video about children, "Kids Answer Big Questions." It shows how kids respond to some serious questions.

Source: KAMI.com.gh

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