Vendor swims to sell ice cream goes viral

Vendor swims to sell ice cream goes viral

- A man is spotted swimming with a yellow box

- Apparently, he is selling his products (ice cream) and swims all the way through for people suffering under the heat in the sea

- Abbey Ann Hernandez took pictures of the hard working man and thousands of Filipino loved him

KAMI learned about the inspiring story from Abbey Ann Hernandez's viral post on Facebook.

A vendor is spotted swimming in the sea selling ice cream goes viral online after his photos were posted by Abbey Ann Hernandez on social media.

Through sacrifices and sweat, we already have witnessed how hard working Filipinos truly are when it comes to looking for a way to earn money.

With this ice cream vendor, his story is truly something unique and can touch millions of hearts.

In a decent way, Filipinos strive to make a decent living and find a stable job nowadays.

This ice cream vendor reminds us the love of a father. Willing to sacrifice and work to any limits in order to simply provide financial support to family and loved ones.

A Facebook user named Abbey Ann Hernandez did not think twice to share this inspiring media to her friends.

With a caption stating,

"So akala ko talaga nung una nagswiswimming lang si kuya yun pala nagbebenta sya ng ice cream!☹️"

The man is said to be swimming until to the middle of the sea to sell his ice creams.

In the photos, it can be seen that the man is used to carrying his Styrofoam box that contains ice cream products to sell to customers.

He would try and sell to anyone who passes through him.

At first glance, Hernandez thought it was just an ordinary man who is simply enjoying a swim in the sea.

She was then surprised to spot an "Ice Cream" label on the box he was carrying.

The post had various of positive comments. Some of which are stated below:

Keno Abellar Dacusin: “May God bless you and Family. You are such an inspiration”

Sarah Mae Mangilit: “God bless po Tatay. Alam kong may parating na tulong sa inyo. Keep safe po Tatay kahit na medyo delikado ang laging nasa tubig. #KMJS PLEASE PANSININ NIYO PO ITONG POST “

Maxinne Nollitsac: “eto yung kahit malalim talagang nilalangoy nya makapag-benta lang ng ice cream”

LCain Arcelo: “Rated k si tatay ng mabigyan siya ng bangka Hindi na maglalangoy langoy Kawawa naman”

KAMI wishes our hardworking ice cream vendor good health and prosperous life!

Social experiment: Borrowing money from strangers - on KAMI Youtube Channel.

KAMI is curious just how generous people are giving to those who are in need. For this reason, we have conducted a social experiment to find out!


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