Bossing, may mahalagang mensahe kay Yaya Dub?! Vic Sotto respects Maine Mendoza’s decision and believes AlDub loveteam will stay forever

Bossing, may mahalagang mensahe kay Yaya Dub?! Vic Sotto respects Maine Mendoza’s decision and believes AlDub loveteam will stay forever

- Vic Sotto had some piece of advice to Maine Mendoza about being in showbiz

- Bossing stressed social media could be intense sometimes, especially with fandoms

- Despite what Mendoza is going through, Sotto assured she’ll have his “full support”

Maine Mendoza aka Yaya Dub is already considered a significant part of the pop culture in the Philippines.

Unfortunately, the 22-year-old television and Internet personality is currently on break from all the glitz and glam, the good and the bad and the controversies of the entertainment industry.

Even though she appeared to have gone missing-in-action or MIA, Mendoza is in the United States to spend her much needed break. Many assumed that Mendoza’s absence has something to do with the release of the open letter for her fans.

Despite her controversial absence, “Eat Bulaga” main host Vic Sotto has an important piece of advice to Mendoza. Based on the report that KAMI obtained from, Bossing is trying to understand where Yaya Dub is coming from or her sentiments.

Sotto assured Mendoza that whatever she’s dealing with right know, the veteran host/actor will give her his full support.

“Whatever it is that you’re feeling or dealing with—suportado kita,” Sotto said. “I’m trying to understand.”

As for his message of advice to Mendoza, Sotto said, “I have been in the business for so many years. And I believe that if you love what you do, you will pull through, no matter what’s dealt to you.”

Sotto also added that he is not here to judge since we can’t judge just anyone. He just stressed that he will respects Mendoza’s decision whatever it may be.

When asked about the power or influence of social media, Sotto believed that the nature of it boiled down to the responsibility of the users. He also believed that if you’re into social media, you expect that not everyone will agree with you and there are irresponsible users who could just stress you out.

“That’s what social media is all about sometimes,” Sotto said. “Meron tayong mga iresponsableng users. Hindi naman lahat ng tao ay responsible. If you’re into social media, you expect that."

When it comes to the AlDub loveteam, Sotto strongly believed that the team-up won’t be dissolved or destroyed.

“Wala namang makakabuwag dun. AlDub si AlDub,” Bossing Vic stated. He also stressed that the impact of the loveteam to the Filipinos will be forever treasured and cherished.

"Bakit, yung Guy & Pip ba, kinalimutan niyo na?” Sotto added. “Hindi, hindi naman. Nandiyan na yun, forever na nandiyan na yun. Nakatatak na sa mga puso natin. Hindi na mawawala yun.”

Meanwhile, Sotto’s seriousness in giving some words of wisdom took a hilarious turn when he responded to the question if he knows when Mendoza is coming back. He casually answered, “Hindi ko alam, Tanungin niyo sa kanya.”

Sotto’s casual statement earned some fits of laughter from the media during the press conference of his MMFF entry, “Meant to Beh.”

The upcoming film is set to premiere on Dec. 25. It will feature the performances of Baeby Baste, Dawn Zulueta, Thou Reyes, Gabbi Garcia, Daniel Matsunaga and Sue Ramirez, among many others.

KAMI admires Bossing Vic Sotto for supporting new talents like Maine Mendoza.


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