Fake AlDub fans exist?! ‘Encantandia’ creator Suzette Doctolero urges fandoms to be ‘positive influencers’ instead of being ‘nega’ fans

Fake AlDub fans exist?! ‘Encantandia’ creator Suzette Doctolero urges fandoms to be ‘positive influencers’ instead of being ‘nega’ fans

- Suzette Doctolero tweeted about fandom attitudes on social media

- “Encantadia” creator stressed that negative fandoms affect their celebrity idols and their shows

- Doctolero urged AlDub Nation fans to be “positive influencers”

The phenomenal loveteam of Maine “Yaya Dub” Mendoza and Kapuso star Alden Richards, as well as their avid fans AlDub Nation have undoubtedly ruled the social media. Unfortunately, some fake fans exist and they could ruin a celebrity’s reputation.

According to the report that KAMI obtained from GMA Entertainment, “Encantadia” creator Suzette Doctolero tweeted about the attitudes of some fandoms on social media. In her series of tweets, Doctolero reminded the fans that they could affect the life, the career or the show of their favorite celebrity idols.

She urged the fans to practice being “nice” to everyone, which is the best way to earn the support of the entertainment industry. Doctolero also stressed that “bashing” only pushes others not to work with their favorite stars.

“Ask yourself this: if nega ang fandom, at lahat aawayin at kukuyugin, sino sa taga industriya ang matutuwa na makatrabaho mga idols nyo kahit mababait sila?” Doctolero tweeted. “Sino ang artista at staff na willing gumawa ng project knowing stress lang ang ibibigay nyo sa kanila? Tell me, sino?”

As for the AlDub Nation, Doctolero has one piece of advice. According to GMA 7’s head-writer, the fandom should become “positive influencers” instead of being bitter and negative fans.

Doctolero explained that the industry needs to hear the voices of the good fans. Unfortunately, she also pointed out the existence of some fake fans, whose intention is to destroy the fandoms and their idols.

Despite her warning, Doctolero also expressed her sincere gratitude to the AlDub Nation members for their “dialogue” on Twitter. In the end, she reminded them to "mass report" those fans who are misrepresenting their fandoms.

KAMI applauds Ms. Doctolero's humility for reaching out to AlDub fans.

Source: KAMI.com.gh

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