Cathy Garcia-Molina ‘gigil na gigil’ sa mga baguhang artista?! Award-winning director dislikes arrogant newbie celebs

Cathy Garcia-Molina ‘gigil na gigil’ sa mga baguhang artista?! Award-winning director dislikes arrogant newbie celebs

- Cathy Garcia-Molina criticized “nagyayabang” or arrogant newbie actors

- Star Cinema filmmaker admitted being upfront about her feelings but refused to reveal the names of those arrogant stars

- Molina also explained why she makes “pang-masa” movies with happy endings

In recent weeks, box-office director Cathy Garcia-Molina has been making headlines following her 2019 retirement revelation. But now, the famously frank filmmaker has something to say to those arrogant newbie actors.

In a report KAMI obtained from Star Cinema, Molina admitted that she dislikes young celebrities who are not yet famous but already egotistical and bragging. During the bloggers conference for her latest film, “Unexpectedly Yours,” the rom-com director candidly revealed how she handles those kinds of artists on her set.

“Gigil na gigil ako sa mga artistang wala pang napapatunayan, nauna pang magyabang,” Molina frankly stated. “Hindi ko keri talaga.”

“Kasi sa akin, parang, 'Why are you even there? Hindi ka naman artista, hindi ka naman sisikat, if not for the people who supported you and believed in you,” she added. “Ngayong aarte-arte ka, ayaw mong magpa-picture? Ang kapal ng mukha mo 'di ba?!”

Despite the fact that she had her own personal encounters with these actors, Molina refused to reveal their identities to the press. She, however, mentioned the names of Robin Padilla, John Lloyd Cruz and Sharon Cuneta — the celebrities who don't have arrogant personalities.

"I have worked with John Lloyd Cruz, and now I have worked with Sharon Cuneta, Robin Padilla,” Molina said. “These are stars that have made it and who have proven themselves. Hindi ko nakitaan ng ganyan. Tapos ikaw kabago-bago mo, ganyan ka? Ay naku gusto ko durugin!"

Molina even added that these kinds of celebrities don't have the right to be arrogant. She explained, “No one has the right na magyabang ka diyan at ipagmalaki mo kung ano ang narating mo, dahil wala pa.”

Meanwhile, Molina also shed some light on why she’s fond of making “pang-masa” films that usually have happy endings. During the same bloggers conference, the 46-year-old director admitted that it’s quite hard to predict a film's box-office success, considering the current core market of cinemas.

Molina also stressed the importance of the opinions of millennials, who have a huge social media presence. But she said there’s “no formula” in making a big hit movie.

According to Molina, she’s making “pang-masa” films because she’s conscious of being a part of the entertainment industry. That’s why she ensures that her movies are “understood by many not just by a niche market."

Molina added the importance of understanding why cinema exists and that is “to entertain.” She also revealed that her films have happy endings because she can’t take or accept sad endings.

Molina believes every person still gets a chance for a happy ending despite previous heartbreaks in life.

“Film is just a slice of life,” Molina said, “It is not the real life. So, ba’t ko naman papalungkutin ang mga buhay niyo paglabas ng sinehan? Okay na ako dun sa masaya at kinilig kayo, even if it’s kinda unreal.”

KAMI applauds Ms. Molina for her unwavering efforts to entertain the Filipinos through her meaningful cinematic masterpieces.


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