Heads up mga soon to be mommy! Dr. Jaycy reveals how to stay fit while pregnant

Heads up mga soon to be mommy! Dr. Jaycy reveals how to stay fit while pregnant

- Dr. Jaycy Violago shares the basics on maintaining fitness while pregnant

- Soon to be moms can keep a fitness routine on track even on the first few months of pregnancy

- Dr. Jaycy suggests it's important to stay active while pregnant

KAMI learned the news from Pep.ph.

Any soon-to-be-mom can go through staying fit as provided with proper guidance from a doctor.

Dr. Jaycy Violago stated,

"First and foremost, every woman is different and every pregnancy is unique,"

As some pregnant woman has a higher risk of threatened abortion compared to others.

Before anything else, the doctor suggests that the obstetrician-gynecologist is consulted first for assessment purposes.

She added,

"Generally, it would also be advised to prevent strenuous activities during pregnancy, especially during the third trimester,"

"These will not overly stress the body and instead are slow and/or focused workouts,"

Dr. Jaycy warns that women who were physically active before pregnancy need to adapt any level of intensity of their exercises.

"They can no longer engage in moderate to heavy workouts, but instead do easy to mild, preferably isometric workouts,"

Mayoclinic suggests isometric exercises. These are done without changing positions such as planking, wall sits, stretching and lunges.

With these exercises, muscles remain at the same length. The joint affected, on the other hand, stays on one position.

"If they are worried [about] their weight, proper diet and nutrition can also help maintain a healthy body, keeping in mind that baby’s nutritional needs are also met," Dr. Jaycy added.

KAMI says kudos all moms staying fit and looking sexy!

Source: KAMI.com.gh

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