"I want to be a good father," Derek Ramsay on not being scared of quitting Showbiz for marriage

"I want to be a good father," Derek Ramsay on not being scared of quitting Showbiz for marriage

- Derek Ramsay is with a live-in partner Joanna Villablanca

- The actor reveals some of his thoughts on balancing both Showbiz and taking care of a family

- Derek expresses his thoughts on PUSH on the reason why he wants to settle down

KAMI learned the news from ABS SBN.

He stated on thinking Joanne is someone he would marry,

“The little things… like nakita n’yo ngayon hindi na ako nagpi-frisbee. Mas gusto ko na lang makasama siya.

“I enjoyed waking up in the morning na siya ang kasama ko. Kung hindi ko siya kasama, siya ang unang hahanapin ko,”

He admitted living with his girlfriend for a year.

“Practically, we are. Yeah, a year,”

“When we’re going out to the mall, ‘I want to buy Sophie a table, I want to buy her a lampshade. Things that I would never do before.

“Dati, I want to go buy some rubber shoes, I want to go buy rims for my car. Now, it’s like let’s buy her light so that meron siyang night light sa kuwarto, little things like that.

“From everything that I’ve been through, I just know that I’m happy.”

He further explained about his next chapter in life,

“In this industry kasi, they take so much of your time and you do have to think about yourself because you have to concentrate bringing life to so many different characters and that’s so emotionally heavy.

“I admire the ones that are still in the industry. I admired their strength and how they do it but with me, I’m very intense when I get into my character that if I’m going to get married I don’t want to bring all of that home,”

“I finished college, that was a priority of my mom, so I have a fallback. I don’t know what it is that I’m going to do but I’m very confident naman with myself that I’ll find something to support the family.

“Medyo smart din naman ako pagdating sa pera, so that’s one of the things that you also have to consider kapag magpapakasal ka. You must be financially stable,”

KAMI agrees with Derek and wishes him a happy future!

Source: KAMI.com.gh

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