Anne Curtis naconfuse sa kwek-kwek at tokneneng?! Vice Ganda reveals reason why he hates Pinoy streetfood kwek-kwek

Anne Curtis naconfuse sa kwek-kwek at tokneneng?! Vice Ganda reveals reason why he hates Pinoy streetfood kwek-kwek

- Vice Ganda explained why he hates Pinoy street food kwek-kwek

- Anne Curtis revealed kwek-kwek is her favorite

- Unkabogable Star teased Curtis for being unable to follow his jokes

During the Dec. 1 “Tawag ng Tanghalan” segment of the hit ABS-CBN show, “It’s Showtime,” program hosts Vice Ganda and Anne Curtis had a conversation over famous Pinoy street food kwek-kwek. But the discussion took a hilarious turn when Ganda admitted he hates it.

Based on the video that KAMI obtained from ABS-CBN Entertainment’s official Youtube channel, Ganda and Curtis asked the contestant what type of Pinoy streetfood he usually sells. When the “Tawag ng Tanghalan” contender mentioned kwek-kwek, Curtis was quick to admit that it’s her favorite food.

Ganda, on the other hand, said that he hates the said Filipino street food. According to the 41-year-old Unkabogable star, his aversions to kwek-kwek started when he ate the food and found a strand of hair in it.

“Ayoko ko makakita ng kwek-kwek,” Ganda said. “Nakakita ako ng kwek-kwek nandidiri ako, my God! Kasi yung experience ko, pagkain ko ng kwek-kwek my buhok pa! Ano ‘to?!

The multi-awarded host also explained that there are times that strands of hair fell during the cooking process. That’s why he doesn’t like to eat kwek-kwek anymore.

Curtis, on the other hand, revealed that based on her own experience, eating kwek-kwek comes in a cup. Ganda then poked fun at her, saying she’s so “maarte” because the street food is usually served on a rectangular paper plate.

As the conversation continued, Ganda was surprised to hear that Curtis ate large kwek-kwek, which people on the studio assumed that the Kapamilya star was referring to tokneneng. But for Curtis, kwek-kwek and tokneneng are just the same.

The audience, however, burst into laughter when fellow host Jugs Jugueta took noticed that Curtis was unable to follow Ganda’s jokes. Curtis got back at Ganda by trying to pull out his yellow hair.

Meanwhile, kwek-kwek and tokneneng are tempura-like Pinoy street foods made by deep-frying orange batter-coated eggs. The only difference between them are the eggs used — hard-boiled quail eggs for kwek-kwek and regular chicken eggs for tokneneng.

KAMI admires “It’s Showtime” hosts for making an effort to make a good show that Filipinos certainly enjoy.


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