Kris Aquino reveals who her favorite sibling is and why

Kris Aquino reveals who her favorite sibling is and why

“Queen of All Media” Kris Aquino took to social media to talk about her favorite sibling and the lengths she would go through to protect that sibling.

KAMI learned about Kris’ favorite sibling from her Instagram post.

According to Kris, she has an obvious favorite among her siblings even though she loves all of them.

Her siblings are Maria “Ballsy” Elena (born 1954), Aurora “Pinky” Corazon (born 1957), Benigno “Noynoy” Simeon III (born 1960), and Victoria “Viel” Elisa (born 1961).

Kris admitted that Ballsy is her favorite.

“In our family, I love my siblings. BUT i believe it is obvious- my Ate is my FAVORITE.

“By Ate i mean our eldest, we only have 1 Ate, everyone else is first name basis only...

“i could go into a super long story, but this is just an example of my life’s truth- come what may, even at my worst- she still loved me.

“It’s not a secret i was disowned, but when i gave birth to Kuya Josh she was my 1 sibling who was there in the hospital.

“That’s just how she is- she has loved me unconditionally. No judgment, just a reassurance that i’d never be alone because she always believed i’d manage to right my life’s wrongs- that is FAITH.”

Kris also spoke about the allegations that Ballsy’s husband Eldon Cruz was involved in an 8.7-billion road right-of-way scam.

“So this is me saying- HURT HER by spreading more unfounded lies about her & her husband and you will really push me to my very worst. I mean it when i say for my Ate i will take a bullet.

“Or worse, make the worst nightmare of all Aquino haters come true... P.S. Politics aside, like this if you’re like me & you LOVE your Ate.”

KAMI wants to remind you to always be loving and affectionate towards your siblings!


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