Viral: Hospital security guard earns praise for donating blood to ailing patient

Viral: Hospital security guard earns praise for donating blood to ailing patient

Caring for our fellowmen runs deep in the blood of Filipinos.

When he heard that an elderly patient who's been confined in the hospital for three weeks needed something he has, Ryan Lomocso did not hesitate to give everything he can.

Lomocso, a security guard working at Las Piñas Doctors Hospital, received praise from netizens after donating blood to an 80-year-old ailing grandmother in the same hospital.

KAMI learned of this story through GMA's 24 Oras.

Mica Austria posted photos of Lomocso, thanking him for his charity and selflessness.

Austria shared that the guard saw her mom outside the hospital, distraught and worrying about her lola's health.

Lomocso then approached her mom, expressing concern for their long stay in the hospital.

And when Lomocso found out that they're waiting for type O blood from the blood bank, the guard immediately volunteered himself.

Austria's grandmother had been confined in the intensive care unit due to stroke.

"Kinailangan namin ng dugo. Medyo matatagalan pa daw. Dahil sa ambait ni kuya, nag-offer agad siya," shared Austria in 24 Oras' report.

Lomocso donated blood on Saturday, November 25.

"Nakakagulat. Imagine hindi mo naman kaano-ano tapos biglang may nagdonate," said Austria on the guard's readiness to help.

Lomocso, though also lacking financially, said he wants to be able to help other people.

"Masaya na hindi maipaliwananag. Nakapag-extend tayo ng life ng isang tao na nabigyan natin ng dugo," said Lomocso.

KAMI salutes all Filipinos who generously lends a hand in spite of their own situations in life.


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