Duterte: nation in high risk if PH choose Binay or Roxas

Duterte: nation in high risk if PH choose Binay or Roxas

HIGHLIGHT – Davao City mayor Rodrigo Duterte declared that the nation will be thrown into chaos if either Vice President Jejomar Binay or administration standard-bearer Manuel Roxas II wins in the presidential elections.

Duterte, running for president under PDP-Laban, accused Binay of being involved in corruption, and called Roxas an "opportunist" as he jumps from administration to administration.

“If Roxas or Binay wins and becomes president, the Philippines is in jeopardy,” Duterte declared at a campaign rally in Sorsogon, Bicol on Saturday, April 30.

"Mar Roxas during the time of Erap served as DTI secretary but abandoned him when the ship is in trouble. He joined the camp of Arroyo but jumped ship on the brink of uncertainties. Mar goes to PNoy, so he continues to become an opportunist," Duterte further added.

Roxas walked away as trade secretary of then-president Joseph Estrada in November 2000 when Estrada dealt with allegations of acquiring money from illegitimate gambling lords.

Roxas was also trade secretary during Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo’s term but stepped down in December 2003 to focus on his 2004 senatorial bid.

Duterte said nothing about his other competitor, Senator Grace Poe, who criticized the mayor regarding his alleged secret Bank of the Philippine Islands account.

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"I don’t want to fight with a woman," said the mayor who had already been criticized by women's rights factions for his notorious rape joke involving a slain Australian missionary.

Duterte again pitched for federalism at the Sorsogon rally, adding that this will pave the way for the development of all regions.

He also reiterated his “all-out-war” against crime, corruption, and illegal drugs, while also promising swift government services.

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In the same campaign rally, Eric Dioneda, PDP-Laban's gubernatorial candidate and son of the late Sorsogon City mayor Leovic Dioneda, vowed to deliver 300,000 votes in support of Duterte.

During the two days Duterte spent in Bicol, visiting the provinces of Camarines Norte and Camarines Sur, other Bicol leaders and contenders assembled the One Bicol for Duterte 2016 campaign, which promised to deliver one million voters in allegiance to Duterte.

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