May ipon na! Julia Barretto builds her dream house at the age of 20

May ipon na! Julia Barretto builds her dream house at the age of 20

Kapamilya actress Julia Barretto is on cloud nine right now, because of her dream house which is currently under construction.

KAMI learned about this from

Post of her proud mom:

"Julia's home construction has started Thank you Lord for answering her prayers."

During the media launch of Oppo F5, in an interview Julia was asked, how long did it take before she achieved her dream home.

“Since I was 18, I was already planning of building a home.

“But maybe, at the time, I wasn’t really ready yet to do anything.

“But now that I am already 20, I think I’m more than ready.”

Julia added that she’s going to be hands on in designing her dream home.

“I’m so excited for the furniture, for the interior design and everything.

“But the thing I’m most excited about is my walk-in closet.”

Julia shared on her Instagram a photo of her house, undergoing construction.

"My future home is now under construction TY, G for another answered prayer. This is still so surreal to me."

She also shared that she had a deal with her mom Marjorie, her property is located near their family residence so she said she's still going to have her meals there even when she moves out.

“She’s just enjoying the moment that I’m still under her roof.

“But I always tell her that I’m still gonna be in her house every day to eat there.”

“I live so close to her still, so I feel like the tips will come in every day.

“And I feel like I will also learn every day as I face those challenges when I actually live in that house already.”

At a young age of 20, having her own home is indeed a milestone.

Congratulations, Julia!

KAMI believes that if you focus on your goals and work hard for it, regardless of age, you can achieve them just like Julia did


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