Robin Padilla shares hilarious video from the set of ‘Unexpectedly Yours’

Robin Padilla shares hilarious video from the set of ‘Unexpectedly Yours’

Robin Padilla shares a glimpse of what goes on behind the camera from the set of his new movie with Sharon Cuneta entitled “Unexpectedly Yours.”

KAMI obtained a hilarious video from Robin’s Instagram.

The video shows actor Joshua Garcia teasing director Cathy Molina while preparing for a scene.

The latter responded by playfully cursing at the young actor.

Robin also praised Cathy for being a multi-tasker and a perfectionist while they were shooting the movie.

“The enigmatic director Cathy Molina - Garcia as Double for the megastar ms Sharon Cuneta.

“Chill lang Nothing to worry about ... nothing serious ... very crucial lang ang stopping point ng kotse ni mam sharon at si direk lang nakakaalam ng tama at eksaktong marker

“at hindi lang yan ang ginagawa ni direk as the captain of our ship palagian make up artist siya, hairdresser, stylist etc etc her touched is always much awaited sa set it defines her passion,” Robin wrote.

Netizens applauded Cathy for her talent and work ethic:

“Grabe ka direk @kaybash1326! All around ka tlga. Super saludo kami sa dedication mo. Thanks mr @robinhoodpadilla for sharing.”

“Yan si direk cathy.. mabuhay ka!!!! Bilib kami sa husay, galing at passion mo direkkkk!!!!”

“May talas ang bawat eksena na kinukunan nya. I guess that's what makes her different and will be missed when she retires na”

KAMI wants to remind you that working hard is a requirement for success!


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