Mocha Uson defends Sass Sasot’s controversial behavior towards BBC reporter

Mocha Uson defends Sass Sasot’s controversial behavior towards BBC reporter

President Rodrigo Duterte supporter Sass Sassot was slammed by netizens for her “arrogant” behavior while confronting a BBC reporter.

However, Mocha Uson explained that there is a reason why Sass talked to him in that manner.

KAMI learned about Mocha’s statement from her Facebook page.

“Sa mga nag cocomment na arrogant daw si For the Motherland - Sass Rogando Sasot sa pakikipag usap sa BBC halatang hindi nila alam ang background at hindi napanuod ang buong video.

“Ayon nga po kay Sass, Hindi po kasi tayo sanay sa paguusap sa mga puti especially BRITON. Si Sass po ay taga Hague.

“Nag masters pa po siya doon. Nakakasama sa mga debate at mga confrontations. Alam niya paano makipag usap sa mga puti. Kung lalamya lamya ka they will not respect you.

“Sabi nga po niya normal ang ganyan sa kanila. Nabigla lang tayo dahil Pinoy tayo. Pag malamya ka sa pakikipagusap sa mga puti Briton o European yari ka sa argument. Kakayan kayanin ka nila.

“Wala kang panalo and they will not listen to you. Sanay kasi tayo sa bait baitan pag nakikipag usap. Iba po sa kanila. At sanay si Sass sa ganyan.

“Dahil taga dun siya at nag masters pa po siya doon. Kaya bago niyo husgahan si Sass better know the whole context and watch the whole video,” Mocha wrote.

Her explanation drew mixed reactions from netizens.

“I've been living in UK for 20 years now and counting. I have gained my degree here. That's not how to put your message across. There's no need to point fingers on another person while you're speaking to them to make a point. Rationalise and be pragmatic, not over dramatic. My opinion”

“Kahit kailan hindi sukatan ang pagiging edukado o saan man bansa na Paaralan nag-aral ang tao upang makitungo at umayos sa tamang posisyon na pagiging kapwa tao.”

“I've lived in Europe for the past 41 years and got my degree here. I've never had to be rude and loud, never had to point my finger and gesticulate aggressively in order to have a normal discussion with decent educated Europeans - Germans, Britons. French, Italians, etc. - with opposing opinions.

“Galing nga ni Sass, she did a good job”

“She was never rude actually she listened and reply accordingly. But the white guy was trying to patronize her which was really unacceptable.”

KAMI believes that we should all love and respect each other even if we have different beliefs and opinions in life.


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