Bianca King's challenging scenes in Pusong Ligaw gave her Life Lessons

Bianca King's challenging scenes in Pusong Ligaw gave her Life Lessons

October 2016 when Bianca King officially joined the Kapamilya network.

"It happened a year ago, but the memory is still fresh to me,” Bianca recalled.

"This is my home already, but I still get lost when I’m inside it,”

“I’m still enjoying every minute of it, and I don’t feel the passing of time. I’m at my happiest in life right now.” said the former GMA talent.

KAMI learned from that the 'Pusong Ligaw' star said that it is the longest show she has done fo far.

"It has exceeded my expectations of what it’s like to do a project in ABS-CBN. I learned a lot from working with such lovely people,” she said.

Bianca and Beauty Gonzales are rivals in the show. the thing is, they have to do challenging confrontation scenes.

She said that their scenes drain them physically and mentally “because they require big movements. It feels like we’re working out because we often find ourselves catching our breath after each scene. That’s OK for us because, at least, we get to burn calories while shooting,”

Bianca recalled their memorable effortful scenes.

“One of our buwis-buhay scenes was shot on top of an old water tank. I felt like we’d fall into the tank filled with dirty water.

“Another one was when Beauty tried to carry me on her shoulders for over a hundred times for our pilot’s opening scene. For that scene alone, we started working at 8 a.m. and ended at 4 p.m.”

But Bianca also admits that she has learned a lot of things in potraying Marga.

"She’s a classic example of a person who is never satisfied. She craves what she doesn’t have. She is very controlling and overbearing. My takeaway from being her is that one’s happiness shouldn’t rely on external factors. One has to learn how to be happy from within.”

Pusong Ligaw is extended until 2018.


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