Meryll Soriano shocked by Willie Revillame’s child abuse case

Meryll Soriano shocked by Willie Revillame’s child abuse case

Meryll Soriano was shocked when news of Willie Revillame’s issue reached her. She says she was not aware of the latest news about the child abuse case that was filed against her father.

This case started when a six-year old boy was allegedly coerced to dance provocatively on camera in Willie’s defunct TV5 program Willing-Willie last March 12, 2011.

She was also uninformed of Willie’s two-week leave, and the temporary postponing of Wowowin’s airing this May.

Nalulungkot ako na nalalaman ko pa sa ibang tao. Matago po kasi talaga siya. Malihim siya kasi, I guess, hindi siya yung tipo ng tao na magsi-share ng problema niya lalo na sa akin. Ayaw niya kasi magwu-worry ako.

“Ngayon, nagwu-worry na ako kasi nalaman ko na.” Meryll revealed.

(I regret having to hear this news from other people. He’s really a private person. I guess he’s so secretive because he just isn’t the type of guy to talk about his problems, especially to me. He doesn’t want me to worry.)

(Now I worry anyway, because now I have found out.)

Meryll worries about what her father must be going through because of the case. She knows her father won’t call to tell her about his struggles.

Naaawa ako sa Papa ko. First of all, parang dapat tapos na ‘yan, e. Bakit naman kasi ipilit ng mga taong hindi naman involved. Nakakatulong naman si Papa, e.”

(I pity my father. First of all, this issue should already have been resolved. Why do we insist on involving people who aren’t a part of this issue. My father’s already done his part to help.)

To clear doubts on why she was oblivious to it all, she explained: “Nasa London kasi ako nun, kaya hindi ko talaga alam kung ano talaga ang nangyari.”

(I was in London when this happened, so I haven’t really been informed about what really happened.)

Ang sa akin lang, you know, he’s doing everything to help the child. So parang ano pa ba ang gusto ng mga tao na mangyari? We have better problems na dapat harapin. 'Saka nananahimik na ang Papa ko, e. He’s living a quiet life.”

(In my opinion, he’s doing everything to help the child. So what else do the people want from him? We have better problems we need to face. Also, my dad’s already gone quiet on the issue. He’s living a quiet life.)

Ang gusto lang niya mag-show, magpasaya ng tao, tumulong.”

(He just wants to host TV shows, to make people happy, to help.)

Meryll plans to visit her father – to see how he’s doing, and if she can help in any way. She is scheduled to visit him on his two week’s break, and hopes that they, along with her son Elijah, can have some time to bond.

Yun lang naman ang gusto ko, na magkaroon kami ng oras together. Unfortunately nga, ako ngayon ang naging busy, e. Hindi ko siya nadadalaw. Ako, personally, gusto ko talaga dumating na sa point na magkaroon talaga ng solid na relationship with him.”

(That’s all I want: time together with him. Unfortunately, I’ve become really busy, and I haven’t been able to visit him. I really want to have a solid relationship with him.)

At alam ko, kailangan niya ako. Nagi-guilty tuloy ako,”

(And I know he needs me. I feel guilty.)

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