Duterte's conspiracy: Malacañang demolition job

Duterte's conspiracy: Malacañang demolition job

Malacañang demolition job

Finally on the short end of the stick, Duterte’s camp now says that it’s a “demolition job” by the Malacañang, with Trillanes as the pawn. His camp alleges, but no evidence is shown.

Senator Trillanes is but a pawn. The brain behind is Malacañang ,” says Leoncio Evasco Jr., Duterte’s campaign manager.

Evasco claims that Malacañang is “bent on thwarting a victory by Duterte.”

It is desperately trying to save the candidacy of Mar Roxas and is poised to employ all means, including massive cheating, to maintain the status quo,” he continues, despite Duterte himself admitting to the existence of the accounts.

Duterte maintains that these were declared in his Statement of Assets, Liabilities, and Net Worth. Senator Trillanes alleges these are not. Duterte is now using due process as a defense to Senator Trillanes’ allegations, despite him flamboyantly stating that he will kill criminals if they do not cooperate. Duterte’s opponents are now saying he is a hypocrite.

Elite vs. Outsider

Duterte’s claim to fame was exploiting the anger of people still not feeling the effects of reforms and identifying as part of the masses. His camp’s continued dichotomization of the “elite” and “the masses” mentality has stirred up the anger people who see themselves as victims of the current administration.

Ironically, this identity as “masa” is now questioned because in less than a week, he admits to the existence of a secret bank account. Now allegations are spreading that he holds 41 properties, again by Trillanes.

They made the election a very dirty political exercise. They want it confined among the elite. They cannot stomach an outsider, one who has captivated the imagination of the people but does not come from their ranks,” said Evasco.

Duterte critics, now seeing the mayor on the defensive, continue to push the issue of a credibility. Duterte’s camp continues to evade answering any direct answers to the allegations, instead redirecting blame to Malacañang's “dirty politics” and “elite demolition job” as answers to the allegations. All will be known on Monday when Duterte’s lawyer opens his bank account for public scrutiny in front of Senator Trillanes. The mayor will in Davao on Monday.

During the watch of (Aquino) and Roxas, we saw how they remorselessly sacrificed the lives of our gallant police officers in Mamasapano,” said Evasco. They are expecting more black propaganda. However, even some of Duterte’s supporters are wondering if they can trust their bet if they are seeing themselves how inconsistent Duterte is with his pronouncements. While the line between dirty politics and truth exposes are blurred, and may be a combination of both at times, these allegations are a good test for voters to see the political finesse and honesty of their chosen candidates.

Continuing, but stagnating, lead

The camp of Duterte maintain that they have a strong voter base.

For the first time, people have rallied behind a man – a leader – who is giving them hope,” said Evasco.

Duterte “brings fear into the senses of the Aquino government and his minions” says Evasco.

He labeled Trillanes as a “failed putschist and reckless mercenary of the Aquino government.”


Source: KAMI.com.gh

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