Ina Raymundo calls out netizen who commented about the bulge in her tummy

Ina Raymundo calls out netizen who commented about the bulge in her tummy

- A netizen commented on social media that Ina Raymundo’s tummy has gotten bigger

- Ina called out the netizen

- The actress and the netizen’s word war went viral

"La Luna Sangre" actress Ina Raymundo called out a netizen who commented that her tummy has gotten bigger.

KAMI learned about their word war from PUSH.

The controversy began when netizens speculated that Ina was pregnant because of her tummy.

Ina clarified that he tummy has gotten bigger because she has not been exercising lately.

“Peeps! I’m not preggers! The reason I have a bulge in my tummy is because I haven’t exercised since Tuesday,” Ina wrote.

She then called out @jen_florentino for this comment: “Malaki puson niya”

Ina Raymundo reacted: “So ano ngayon?”

The netizen explained that she made that comment because it’s true.

“Wala naman lol. Maganda ka pa rin. Nag comment lang naman ako kc malaki naman talaga,” @jen_florentino replied.

Ina then challenged the netizen to let her see her tummy.

“Your tummy must be so flat. Let me see,” Ina wrote.

@jen_florentino agreed to Ina’s challenge: “For sure.”

Ina then made this comment after seeing the profile photo of @jen_florentino: “Check your profile pic up close. #angperfectmo”

The netizen then told Ina that she should be accepting of the comments made by netizens on her public photos: “No one is perfect. Once you post your pic please accept the comment,” @jen_florentino posted.

Ina responded: “Oh I’m having a blast!”

KAMI wants to remind you that we should never make fun of people because of their physical appearance!


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