Kris Aquino reveals more heartbreaking details about her depression

Kris Aquino reveals more heartbreaking details about her depression

Kris Aquino shared more details about her ordeal after she revealed on social media that she suffered from depression because of her lack of exposure in showbiz this year.

KAMI learned about Kris’ hardships from her interview with

“Hindi na ba ako magaling? Ano ba talaga yung nangyari?'

“Yun talaga, itatanong mo talaga, ‘What's wrong? Or is it really just because I’m being punished kasi last name ko ‘to?

“'Hindi talaga ako puwedeng mabigyan ng one hour kahit once a week?’ May ganung feeling talaga."

“Alam mo kasi, yung self-esteem mo naman talaga, especially kung ito yung line of work mo—ito yung truth, ha—I was explaining it to my sisters...

“So, parang you can’t help it na meron kang self-esteem issues na pagdadaanan. And I think it's really worse for women. Iba yung demand sa atin and all.”

“Dati kasi, yung self-esteem mo comes from watching yourself. I’m sorry. It sounds really shallow, but it’s true. Malaking nabawas talaga…

“But, sabi ko nga, it’s life-changing pala na if you were doing something straight for 20 years, and then you stop doing it, you question so many things.

“And then, nasanay ang katawan mo, biglang I have to reinvent. I’m now in my forties, and I’m now reinventing. It would have been different to reinvent in my thirties. So, it’s hard.”

She also revealed that her concern for her brother, former President Noynoy Aquino, made her depression worse.

“What affects me most is kapag family issues... issues that are beyond my control. Kasi, if it’s just me, alam kong mako-control ko ang sarili ko, e.

“But if there are external issues that affect my siblings... I’ll be particular, about my brother, affected talaga ako.”

“Because he never expresses it, e. You can’t help it, e. Napalaki kami, na we are one. So, mapi-feel mo yun and maaawa ka, kasi sabi ko, in a way, alam kong he's like me.

“He has nobody to share it with, and he really keeps it to himself. And all we can do is really pray."

“And then my sisters talked to me about it. Sinabi nila na, 'Krissy, being an Aquino, when the times are good naman, nag-thank you ka. So, ngayon na being an Aquino is not so great, don’t hate it.' So, nilagay in that context."

Fortunately, Kris has regained her self-esteem because the companies and products that she endorses have renewed her contract.

KAMI wants to remind you that all of us have highs and lows. Let us not lose hope when things go bad!


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