Jennica Garcia shares how Baby Mori picked stones over toys

Jennica Garcia shares how Baby Mori picked stones over toys

Nowadays, most kids live and breathe modern electronic gadgets. Even a three-year-old would know how to use a phone or a tablet better than their own hands. As such, children born to richer, ore well-off families are naturally more inclined to having these modern toys.

But Jennica Garcia-Uytingco's Baby Mori is a special case.

In a recent post, Jennica Garcia shared how Baby Mori chose to pick and play with stones minutes after she received toys from a restaurant manager in Siquijor.

It turns out that stones are preferred in Baby Mori's world because the toys would always be mere toys while her stones could change from being ulam to being barya and eventually langgam.

The post reads,

"When a restaurant manager here in Siquijor kindly offered toys to Mori, she played with them a little and quickly headed outside. She came back with lots of stones and played with those instead for the entire duration of our stay which is about an hour. I overheard her pretending that the stones are our "ulam". A bigger stone became her cellphone to call her Ninay and bestfriend Jessica. She said something like, "Ninay, Jessica kamusta kayo? Dito Mori sa dagat!" It wasn't long when the stones became "barya" and the plank that she is stepping on is her very own "piggy bank". The smaller stones became "langgam" and the longer ones were a family of "butiki". What a joy for a mom like me to see Mori enjoy the simple things in life. Thank you Marco Polo for the good food and great service. Hi Nica! --- A Kalinga Ni Nanay Class that will give you full access to our PRIVATE group on Facebook is happening on Oct. 28 from 1:30PM-4:30PM at @theparentingemporium. I'll be teaching the how to's of Natural Infant Hygiene and Potty Training. To register or have your questions asnwered, email us at salamat!"

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