Jomari Yllana goes viral for giving his favorite car to his son Andre Yllana as a gift

Jomari Yllana goes viral for giving his favorite car to his son Andre Yllana as a gift

Veteran actor Jomari Yllana stunned netizens after he gave his favorite vintage car to Andre Yllana, his son with former partner Aiko Melendez.

KAMI obtained photos of the epic vehicle from Jomari’s Instagram page.

“It’s just like your kids meeting for the first time. My favorite car I kept for decades is yours now,” Jomari wrote.

Andre also posted about the gift.

“The car that made me love cars. Still can’t believe it’s mine now. Let this be an instrument for our bonding @jomariyllana. thank you again for giving me not just a car but also something with sentimental value to it. Love you dad,” Andre posted.

Netizens were amazed by Jomari’s generosity and the beauty of his car.

“Parang ang bait bait ni Andre guwapo na mabait pa galing magpalaki ni Aiko and you also did your job as a father to him.”

“Always watched u drive ur Toyota Levin ae111 and corolla ae111.. and accdng to veterans in my car club, ur euro 2 corolla is equipped with 3sgte with upgraded turbine intercoooler and many more. Wish i had the chance to see ur eurolla in person.. thanks for sharing this moment idol”

“I Remember Sinali Mo Pa Yan Dito Sa CarShow Sa Mataas Na Kahoy Batangas... Pinakita mo pa loob ng auto mo sa utol ko at mags mo sa italy mo pa kinuha... Toyota lover ka tlaga dati small body din auto mo sinali mo sa folkarts way back 90s... Idol kaya nka smallbody me.”

“Legendary corolla of wrc ae111”

“Congrats andre ! You are blessed to have a dad like Jomari. Take good care of the car he gave you.”

KAMI wants to remind you that giving gifts – whether expensive or not – to your loved ones is a great way to strengthen your relationship with each other!


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