Aiko Melendez calls out her movie’s director for turning her lead role into a supporting role

Aiko Melendez calls out her movie’s director for turning her lead role into a supporting role

Actress Aiko Melendez posted an open letter on social media to director Anthony Hernandez, complaining about her “butchered” scenes on “The New Generation Heroes” movie.

KAMI obtained the letter from Aiko’s Facebook page.

According to the actress, she was promised that she would have a lead role in the movie.

However, she found out that a lot of her scenes were cut.

She added that her character had become a supporting role to the role of her co-star Joyce, who is also the movie’s producer.

Aiko explained that she has no problem with playing supporting roles as long as it was agreed upon before the shooting of the movie.

Here is her full post:

“This is an open Letter to Anthony Hernandez (Director of the World ) Forgive me if i had to post this letter online ,because, Asian artist agency owned by my Manager Tito Boy Abunda waited for your call, and so did my handler Philip Ababon Rojas, to hear your side about the outcome of the movie regarding my supposed lead role in the movie that never was.

“It turned out to be a supporting role wc i dont mind at all becoz its an advocacy film. As long as it was clearly understood and agree upon prior to the shoot of The New Generation Heroes movie...I made the same type of film last year with the same production for the world teachers day and encountered no problems at all.

“When the premiere night of the movie came, as i watched, I couldn't believe my eyes, a lot of my scenes were butchered... Pls dont get me wrong i dont mind playing supporting roles, lalo na if i was told and if i was asked. Kasi dumating dn ako sa panahon when the likes of Mr Christopher De Leon and Richard Gomez would play then, my leading men.

“When this was offered to me our director said i was the lead of this movie and will be shot in Korea. Sadly i wasnt happy how my role turned out. We felt deceived, Even my performance highlights in the film were shortened and the entire movie was about Joyce our producer.

“ok lang naman na supporting role ako to her pero sana it was made clear that i wasnt the lead at all. Because inaalagaan ko dn naman ang mga pelikula na ginagawa ko. Kasi nga mataas ang expectations sa akin when i won an award abroad and here in our country, The pressure is doubled..

“Anyways i wish the same success for this movie kasi sa ayaw at sa gusto ko, ako ang binebenta nyo for this movie to help Joyce . ok lang. Atleast if Joyce would make it big im part of her success. ako pa ba? ang dali ko lng pakiusapan, sana lng talaga you were true to your words and walang deceit na ngyari. Word of honor is very important to me bcoz it is the recognition of my right to great respect as an actress and as a person.”

KAMI wants to remind you that commitments and promises should never be taken for granted!


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