Kandama saves Ifugao women by modernizing weaving culture

Kandama saves Ifugao women by modernizing weaving culture

KANDAMA - The newest social enterprise is bringing the old to the new. Placing the spotlight on the beauty of what seemed to be a dying tradition in Ifugao.

Ifugao’s handloom weaving has been practiced less attributable to the inescapable modernization of time. Through Kandama, the next generation will be able to witness the elegance and beauty of the Ifugao culture.

Kandama was born out of the calling to save Ifugao traditions and empower the struggling Ifugao weavers through the creation of modern fashion pieces. They took the lead in organizing the women of Julongan village in Kiangan, Ifugao in their campaign to #SaveTheWeave and encouraged weavers to pursue upright loom weaving as a livelihood and an alternative source of income for their families in between agricultural cycles. The #SaveTheWeave campaign brought together Filipino brands and designers John Rufo, Joco Calimclim, Ranroe, Airaz, Nomad, LA Sevilla, Mark Escay, and Ibarra watches to be at the vanguards of reviving the Filipino Culture for the next generation.

Today, Kandama has established two temporary weaving centers and four weaving workshops to provide them education and formal weaving training. They were able to certify 18 new and have a total of 28 weavers using the upright loom where a huge chunk of the weavers is fundamentally rice and vegetable farmers. Beyond the aesthetics, Kandama aims to transfer the art of weaving with the age-old designs of the Ifugao ancestors to the younger generation of women through incentivizing the women of the said village to continue the elapsing tradition of weaving.

Kandama aims to promote the line to the international market and has created significant affiliations in pursuing its goals. Local designers and social entrepreneurs who made the Kandama Collective were joined by celebrity guests, socialites, and dignitaries to #SaveTheWeave.

Source: KAMI.com.gh

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