Here are 5 TV hosts who were allegedly removed by Willie Revillame throughout the years because of conflicts

Here are 5 TV hosts who were allegedly removed by Willie Revillame throughout the years because of conflicts

Many co-hosts of Willie Revillame on his shows are no longer working with him today. Different conflicts allegedly caused the removal of those hosts.

KAMI learned details about them from

1. Janelle “Kimchi” Tee

The Miss World PH candidate became a host on Wowowin in 2015. However, she revealed last August that Willie has removed her from the show.

She narrated how Willie got mad during their dinner because his co-hosts did not answer him when he asked if he could eat one of the dishes on the table.

When Janelle finally took the initiative to answer on behalf of her other co-hosts, Willie felt that she was being arrogant.

Janelle also says she is very willing to return to Wowowin should Willie offer her a spot.

2. Super Tekla

Super Tekla was hired as a regular host on Wowowin after he impressed Willie as a contestant in 2016.

On July 2017, he confirmed that he has been removed from the show, allegedly because of his vices.

Tekla has denied the rumors but refuses to reveal the true reason of his removal.

3. Ethel Booba

In 2013, Willie slammed Ethel and Ate Gay on “Wowowillie” for allegedly being arrogant and boastful behind the camera after they lost in the “Mini-Concierto” contest of the show.

Ate Gay was able to reconcile with Willie but Ethel decided to move on.

4. Shalani Soledad

Shalani started to co-host “Willing Willie” in 2010 but suddenly disappeared from the show in 2012.

There were rumors that Willie and Shalani had a rift.

This is what she had to say about her removal from the show: "I think in life, there are some things na when it hits you, medyo malungkot. But then, you also have to move on, you also have to be thankful for other opportunities that are being given you."

5. Precious Lara Quigaman

The 2005 Miss International pageant winner was a co-host on Wowowee from 2007-2008.

Lara said that she was removed because she broke one of Willie’s rules when she brought her non-showbiz boyfriend to a work trip.

She explained that the rule was not made clear to her.

“Nagalit si Kuya, Kuya Willie. There was a rule daw that I was not allowed to bring a boyfriend, which is very unclear to me. I did not know. I wasn't told very clearly."

KAMI is hoping that Willie would be able to reconcile with all of his former co-hosts!


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