Vice Ganda asks James Reid and Nadine Lustre if they are seloso and selosa with each other

Vice Ganda asks James Reid and Nadine Lustre if they are seloso and selosa with each other

- Vice Ganda asked JaDine about some details of their relationship

- James and Nadine explained that both of them are not possessive of each other

- They also revealed what they fight about as a couple

James Reid and Nadine Lustre were interrogated by Vice Ganda on “It’s Showtime” if they were possessive of each other and what they fight about as a couple.

KAMI obtained a video of the interview from the YouTube channel ABS-CBN Entertainment.

Both Nadine and James revealed that they are not “seloso” and “selosa.”

“Ako, I don’t think so. But for the record, hindi siya (Nadine) jealous, hindi siya jealous type,” James said.

When asked about what they fight about as a couple, Nadine and James gave different answers.

“Lahat naman ng relationship, may pinagaawayan pa rin naman pero hindi naman mababaw yung pinagaawayan,” Nadine revealed.

“Usually, it’s just, you know, petty. Like, it lasts one day only,” James stated.

Vice then brought up the fight they had before which was caught on video.

In that clip, James can be seen arguing with Nadine because it took her a long time to get dressed.

Vice asked James if he does not like waiting.

“It wasn’t that. Because I felt like we were holding up everyone,” the actor explained.

He added that he does not mind waiting at all, especially when it comes to Nadine.

Netizens swooned over the interview.

“After we all watched this show we all played it again and Yeng C thank you for missing James on the show. We're all so miss him, too for those Saturdays he's not on the show.”

“Kyla and Vice he's truly handsome- thanks and for all the rest of the showtime family for being nice to him especially in supporting him with his tagalog. All of us here appreciate it. We all luv him and will support him all the way.”

“I’m addicted with this loveteam...i love Jadine!”

KAMI wants to remind the couples out there that trusting each other is one of the keys to a successful relationship!


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