Remulla abandons Binay to pledge allegiance to Duterte

Remulla abandons Binay to pledge allegiance to Duterte

HIGHLIGHT – Presidential candidate Davao City Mayor Rodrigo Duterte revealed his “forged alliance” with Jonvic Remulla, governor of Cavite, on Friday, April 29.

“We have forged an alliance to support each other during and after the elections,” Duterte said.

The alliance, though, was only an informal agreement.

"Walang promises... there's a certain thing called pwersa sa mga pulitiko so 'yung lalaking lalaki ka pagka nag-ala mano sa'yo at sabing, 'Padre, magsama na tayo,' that's it," said the mayor.

(We made no promises, it was enough for us male politicians to enter into an agreement just by shaking our hands and with just the words "let’s join forces.")

Reporters from were present during the meeting wherein Remulla pledged his allegiance to Duterte.

“Kasama niyo ko sa pagkakampanya niyo. (I will be with you in your campaign),” said the Cavite governor.

“I am sure we can always work together. You can count on me. If it concerns performance of duty, you will have no problem. When it comes to peace and order, you will have no problem with me,” Duterte responded as the two shook hands.

Duterte expounded on the priority areas he will be working on if he is elected president.

He said the nation's social services are crumbling and that drugs, crime, and corruption has become a national security threat.

“I will tell the Congress, the Ombudsman, the (Commission) of Human Rights not to block me because this is a serious matter that affects national security. I don’t want you impeding, obstructing or impeding me, but if you want to, then it’s up to you,” Duterte said.

While Senator Antonio Trillanes is publicly asserting that he will use Duterte’s alleged hidden wealth to have him impeached if he is elected, the mayor responded almost sarcastically that Congress could impeach him at the last month of his term.

Duterte also said that if he wins the presidency, he could declare up to a thousand pardons a day through pardon impeachment.

“The president has the power to grant pardon, then I will grant 1000 pardons a day. The constitution states that the president has the power to grant pardon, whether conditional or absolute, or amnesty. Period. It does not say 'except to himself.' I will also pardon myself then,” said Duterte.

The tough-talking candidate added: “If Congress asks me, I will tell them not to get in the way, to impeach me on my last month as president. I will not oppose them.”

If elected for president, Duterte said everyone will be allotted a fair portion of government resources.

“My financers have helped me in legal and proper ways. We are all in this together. I mean, I would really be fair in the distribution of resources. Everyone will have his equal share,” he said.

After the closed-door meeting with Duterte, Remulla did not talk to the media confirm their alliance.

Remulla previously supported the Vice President Jejomar Binay, but has since dropped this alliance.

During an interview in Pangasinan before the last presidential debate on April 24, Binay said that he and Remulla continued to be “best friends” despite the knowledge that Remulla no longer supports him.


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