Reviews prove Kip Oebanda's 'Bar Boys' hits on every human dream and more

Reviews prove Kip Oebanda's 'Bar Boys' hits on every human dream and more

Bar Boys is the trending barkada movie of the Pista ng Pelikulang Pilipino (PPP).

Since the movie Bar Boys opened last August 16, it has generated many positive reviews on social media and testimonials at block screenings.


Rocco Nacino, Carlo Aquino, Enzo Pineda, Kean Cipriano, Kip Oebanda, and Sebastian Castro on the set of "Bar Boys."

Bar Boys, written and directed by young filmmaker Kip Oebanda, tells the story of four friends, Josh, Erik, Chris and Toran, who all wanted to go to law school and how they try to keep their bond and amid the trials and sacrifices they need to endure. The film shows their bittersweet journey from the day they learn about the results of the entrance exam until they graduate, take the bar and pursue their heartfelt dreams.

This barkada movie stars Rocco Nacino, Carlo Aquino, Enzo Pineda and Kean Cipriano, with Anna Luna and Odette Khan in a very special role as a law professor. Also starring are Mailes Kanapi, Sebastian Castro, Hazel Faith dela Cruz, Pontri Bernardo, Maey Bautista, Rener Concepcion, Irene Celebre, Vance Larena, and Lharby Policarpio.

Over 50 groups such as fan clubs of Rocco and Enzo, law schools, student orgs, law firms, college departments, and civic organizations, have mounted sold-out block screenings of Bar Boys, helping propel the film to become one of the top box-office draws of the Pista ng Pelikulang Pilipino (PPP).

Many of the comments on social media described the film as inspiring and entertaining. Izon Detorres Binay (user B9jayson).

Director Erik Matti sent a message of congratulations to Direk Kip. Direk Erik compared Kip’s work to an iconic youth flick from the 1980s and praised its concept and cast.

“I liked Bar Boys, Bagets move ng mga law students,” he said. “Refreshing type of movie. Good ensemble cast. Congrats.”

On Twitter, Alden Richards encouraged his followers to watch the movie of his “good friend Rocco.”

Even those who did not go to law school were struck by the film’s message. Blogger chloramphenicole, a third year medical student, took time from her paper cases to watch Bar Boys. She wrote that the movie was very relatable.

She said,

“I’ve been waiting since last year. And now finally seeing it, did not disappoint me. You don’t need to be a lawyer, law student, nor a medical student like me, to appreciate and love the film.”’s reviewer Mari-An Santos applauded the screenplay and the cast. She wrote,

“It is a credit to Direk Kip’s engaging script that it sustains this level of humor blending with drama, and a credit to the ensemble that they are able to fully realize it onscreen.”

Not surprisingly, “Bar Boys” is Graded A by the Cinema Evaluation Board (CEB).

Direk Kip said, "We are overwhelmed by the number of people saying they they watched it again and laughed, cried and got inspired. Hopefully cinemas keep it and more people can watch it."


Bar Boys is produced by Tropic Frills Inc. and distributed by Quantum Films. For updates, check out the movie’s Facebook page.


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