Lea Salonga writes “an open letter to our next President”

Lea Salonga writes “an open letter to our next President”

On April 28, Lea Salonga wrote “an open letter to our next President” published on the Philippine Daily Inquirer.

Lea Salonga, who’s very vocal on all her social media accounts, has spoke up once again on matters of Philippine politics. She is writing to whoever win’s the upcoming elections as President of the Philippines. First, she tackles how the 2016 elections is different from the other ones and how it has changed the lives of many Filipino people. She wrote:

“DEAR Sir or Madame:

Before writing further, allow me to congratulate you on your victory in these last elections. This one is hard won; this campaign season was one of the most divisive this country has ever seen.

Facebook feeds have been filled with negative posts and vitriol, with everyone drawing lines in the sand and taking sides. I wouldn’t be surprised to find out that friendships have been broken as a result of this year’s election, despite the lifetimes that those unions have lasted.”

The world-renowned singer offers her “two cents” by sharing the desires of her heart as “one of the millions yearning for a brighter future for the next generation.”

She addresses the worsening congestion and traffic problems we are currently facing and offered some solutions to these. She wrote:

“Firstly, please decentralize the congestion in Metro Manila. Surely as a nation of 7,107 islands, Metro Manila cannot be the only place where the manna has fallen. Can’t the opportunities for jobs and education be spread everywhere?

As a result, perhaps the traffic situation that many from Metro Manila complain about will improve, because there will be less people flocking to this metropolis as the perceived central location for work.

Speaking of traffic, if the previous administration had a really good public transportation plan, please consider its merits.

Millions of commuters depend upon the rail and bus systems to get them from place to place. If there are ways to make sure that our commuters get to their destinations safely and expeditiously, including the maintenance of all these systems, and the roads that everyone uses, that would put smiles on their faces.

On that note… if there are programs, infrastructure or personnel from previous administrations that are actually working, it might be a good idea to have those things stay on, and maybe get reinforced.”

The Voice coach also discussed an issue that is close to her heart, fostering the arts and culture. Regarding the Cultural Center of the Philippines (CCP), Lea expressed that “Many artists and art companies call this place home. Given that the Filipino artist has been hailed all over the globe as “world-class,” it might be a good idea to nurture the arts in a world-class home.”

Overall, she places her trust to our President-to-be because “I shall presume that you have the absolute best interests of our country and countrymen at heart, and will do everything in your power to effect actual, tangible, visible change—the kind of change we have all been desperately craving for.”

Lea states her final request: “It’s a pity that you have such a short time period in which to provide all this. But know this: I know that you by yourself are not a miracle worker. One administration will not be enough to turn things around 180 degrees. That would be impossible.

All I ask for is to put the mechanisms in place that future generations can build upon in order to move our country forward. And I ask that future generations, without malice or vengefulness, continue whatever good work has been started.”


Source: Kami.com.ph

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