These first-time moms share baby milestones

These first-time moms share baby milestones

Marian Rivera, Iya Villania, Bianca Gonzales, Shamcey Supsup & Vanessa Matsunaga are proud to be mothers! These first-time moms share baby milestones!

One of the most fulfilling things for a parent is seeing their child hit baby milestones. These Pinay celebrities shared their experiences as a first-time mom!

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1. Marian Rivera

Marian shared how happy she was when baby Zia showed a talent for counting and reciting the alphabets.

“Magaling siya maka-pick up. Nakakapagbilang na siya ng one to fifteen. Solo na niya ABC, solo na niya parts of the body…pati color alam niya. Nakakatuwa! Ang daldal, e,” she said.

2. Iya Villania

Iya expressed her joy of seeing her baby boy Primo stand up and explore his play pen by hanging on to the rails.

“Kasi parang before, I can’t wait until he gets old, I can’t wait until he can stand, I can’t wait until he can smile and talk back. And now it’s like, ‘Oh no!’ Nakaka-stand na siya, nakakapag-cruise na siya sa gilid ng play pen niya. 'Tapos parang ang bilis! I really try and cherish every moment, every milestone,” the actress-host exclaimed.

3. Bianca Gonzalez

Bianca reveals that she celebrates when she is able to put her baby Lucia to sleep while carrying her in her arms.

“Every time she falls asleep in my arms, it feels like ‘Yes!’ It’s a struggle talaga,” the first-time mommy admitted.

4. Shamcey Supsup

Shamcey stated that her daughter Nyke impresses her with her listening and comprehension skills.

“Although she can't speak yet, she understands. When we talk to her, 'O, don't this,' or 'Very good,' parang nakakatuwa na naiintindihan na niya. Kapag tinetest mo siya, parang, 'Where's the light, where' the floor?' Parang lahat alam na niya, so nakakatuwa,”

5. Vanessa Matsunaga

Vanessa takes pride in the fact that her daughter Isabella can understand two languages – English and Spanish.

“She understands both languages. The other day, we were offering her food, and we placed the water beside [her], and she pointed at the water and she said, 'Water! Agua!' So, she translates it some time. Sometimes she says, 'Hay nako,” the celebrity mom observed.

KAMI applauds these celebrity moms for being great role models for all parents!

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