Bianca Gonzales would rather be morena than 'white'

Bianca Gonzales would rather be morena than 'white'

TV host Bianca Gonzales has always been beautiful in her morena skintone and she's loving it.

That is why she is saddened by celebrities who were naturally morena but is now starting to endorse whitening products.

Bianca expressed her sentiments on her Twitter account and expressed her sadness over morena celebrities turned 'white'.

She wrote:

"I know the whitening biz is profitable and provides work for thousands, but I can't help but feel sad when a morena chooses to endorse one."

"I know an endorsement is an endorsement, a great platform, I'm just all for celebrating the natural skin tone you're born in, fair or dark."

She further explained herself, saying that she has nothing against them and that it was just her opinion:

"Nothing against morenas who choose to whiten their skin, it really is a personal choice. This isn't to put down anyone, just an opinion. "

"No hate for anyone! Kanya kanya talaga. But it'd nice to have more morenas show fellow morenas that they're proud of their skin."

Bianca has earlier addressed the issue of bullying and bashing she has received because of her skin color.

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