Reading the “right books”

Reading the “right books”


I believe that one fool proof way to success is to read. Books can inspire, motivate, transform, and comfort a reader.

I have a five-foot tall bookcase filled with books (half of which are still unread), but aside from the flipping through the pages of Japanese authors, Roald Dahl, and the Harry Potter series, I realized that all I did is reading for leisure.

I made reading as an escape from my hectic schedule and hard day’s work. Thinking back, I have three novels in my purse everyday: a children’s book for light reading, a young adult novel to keep up with the times, and a serious book when I really want to ignore someone. Aside from growing my vocabulary, my readings do not add anything to my career or any field of interest.

Entrepreneur-philanthropist Bill Gates has a good advice saying that people should read the “right books”. Aside from a handful of novels, the Microsoft founder has a collection of nonfiction books about covering his broad interest.

The key to knowing if you are reading the “right books” is whether your knowledge is growing. Every person has a unique interest. Determine the current state of your knowledge on a field of interest or how far you know on the subject and it will reveal the things you think you need to learn.

Search for books about the subject based on author, reviews, and recommendations. Document or track your readings in Goodreads as it can come up with book suggestions for your journey.

Lastly, keep on reading!


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