Georgina Wilson is getting married today

Georgina Wilson is getting married today

Actress, model, and TV host Georgina Wilson is getting married to socks company owner and businessman Arthur Burnand on April 30 in London.

 After a few months of engagement rumors, Georgina is finally revealed to be marrying Arthur Burnand who is from Winchester, South of England.. A few months ago, they were spotted looking for engagement rings. The rumors are proven true!

A few days ago, Georgina Wilson posted a photo on her Instagram account showing her excitement to become a Burnand. “Keeping up with the Burnands?,” the photo was captioned.

As we keep up with the soon-to-be Georgina Wilson-Burnand, she recently posted the cover of Preview Magazine for May with her looking ready to get wed. And as the words in the cover say, “You’ve seen the last of Miss Wilson;” we will be seeing her in a few hours as Mrs. Burnand.

Georgina’s whole gang is also attending this much-awaited wedding. Sisters Anne Curtis and Jasmine Curtis-Smith, Tim Yap, Isabelle Daza, Carla Humphries, photographer BJ Pascual, Solenn Heussaff, Laureen Uy, and designer Rajo Laurel flew all the way to London to attend their friend’s wedding. Isabelle Daza posted the group picture of their gang, and apparently they all own a “pair of white sneakers.”

Tim Yap along with prominent names like Rajo Laurel, Bea Soriano, Isabelle Daza, Eric Dee Jr. Nix Alanon, Anne and Jasmine Curtis, were touring London while they wait for the big day. He also posted his support and love to #TheBurnands on his Instagram account.

Anne Curtis-Smith posted a photo of the group having fun during the gorgeous Georgina’s bachelorette party. They’re all getting “drinks before the big day.” Don’t they all look good?

The designer Rajo Laurel also posted what Georgina wore to her “Despedida de Soltera.” See the entire white ensemble below:

Stay tuned, we’ll be posting more updates on #TheBurnands big day!




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