5 things you should do every day to be more productive

5 things you should do every day to be more productive

Starting off the work week can be pretty tough, especially after a long and relaxing weekend. If you’ve already had your breakfast and are sitting in front of your computer with coffee in hand, it’s better to get cracking rather than to waste time on Facebook. Follow these tips for increased productivity, and you’ll find that you’ll never have to worry about another lazy weekday ever again.

1. Define your goals and list down your tasks.

Although listing down the things you need to do seems like a task in itself, it can actually get you focused, give you clear-cut targets, and help you estimate how much time you need to finish every task that you need to accomplish. It's best do this with a pen and a piece of paper, as a study featured on Medical Daily says that writing things down can help you remember them better than typing them into your device.

2. Start with the hardest tasks first.

When faced with seemingly insurmountable loads of work, there’s a chance that you’ll do small, insignificant things such as checking your email thrice in ten minutes or fiddling with tasks that can be done another day. The best way to up your efficiency is by doing the hardest things first. This can make you feel that you’ve already accomplished so much so early, and you’ll carry that happy mood all day long.

3. Avoid online distractions. 

Computer work can admittedly be boring, but do your best to avoid getting distracted with games or websites. Taking videos for Snapchat or browsing through your friend’s Facebook timeline can eat up a huge chunk of your day, and doing so most probably cause you to cram later on. Instead of inserting breaks in the middle of a task, try finishing what you need to do first then reward yourself a few minutes of relaxation. It’s the best no-guilt way of having your cake and eating it, too.

4. Schedule your meetings in the afternoon.

Meetings can be a huge pain, especially if you know that a lot of what you supposedly need to discuss can be collated in one email. To keep yourself efficient and productive, try scheduling them in the afternoon. This will keep your morning free for you to finish things.

5. Find ways to focus. 

There are a lot of things you can do to stay concentrated on what you’re doing. You can drink a glass of lightly sugared water or chew gum, or even plug in tunes that will cancel out ambient sound. Find something that you can make into a habit, and this can be your go-to strategy during those crucial times when you need to go beast-mode.

This article originally appeared on FemaleNetwork.com with minor edits from Cosmo.ph editors.


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