Duterte: Only a little less than P211 M

Duterte: Only a little less than P211 M

Less than P211 M says Duterte

As news of his hidden health spreads like wildfire, presidential front runner Rodrigo Duterte has finally admitted the existence of two BPI accounts. These two are alleged by Senator Antonio Trillanes as not part of the wealth he declared in his Statement of Assets, Liabilities, and Networth (SALN).

Last April 27, Duterte vehemently denied the existence of the allegations by Trillanes. Even his spokesman Peter Lavina in an interview denied the allegations. But just 24 hours, next day, after an investigative journalist tried to deposit money into the account in the Julia Vargas branch of the Bank of the Philippine Islands, Duterte admitted to the existence of two BPI accounts.

He maintained however, that the amount of the two accounts is only P 17,000 and P50,000, respectively.

His rival since election began, Mar Roxas, also stated that he has an undeclared dollar account.

Now, just a day after admitting the existence of two accounts with money in them, he stated that what's inside the account 'may be a little more' than thousands but these are donations from rich friends. He also said that what's in the accounts may be only 'a little less than P 211M'.

He tries to justify it by saying that there are no corruption issues ever raised against him, despite this no being an excuse for not declaring these two accounts.

"Basta malaman ninyo na hindi talaga umabot sa 211 [million pesos]. A little lesser," justified Duterte.

The actual figure will be revealed in a few days, and he will let his lawyer do all the explaining. He has asked the BPI Julia Vargas branch to open his account to the public, in front of his lawyer and Antonio Trillanes. He will be in Davao at that time.

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He stresses that the money is "not dirty", and that the "logical" explanation that he has rich friends. Duterte also earlier refused to name his top campaign contributor, choosing to give a pseudonym "Emilio Aguinaldo". Duterte's die-hard supporters have spun this to mean that Duterte's funding comes from the pockets of Filipinos. It may be rather ironic that the Duterte, who identifies as part of the masses, would name his campaign contributor's pseudonym to Emilio Aguinaldo. Emilio Aguinaldo is part of a wealthy family borne from Cavite.

"Eh di ibig sabihin marami akong kaibigan na mayaman... Eh ano pa, alangan naman hinoldup ako," referring to the multiple deposits as gifts for his birthday in 2014.

As contradictory and mystifying as always, Duterte then said that he refuses to say what is the exact amount in the accounts, calling requests for those as "improper".

"That is a very improper question and very private," reacted Duterte.


Source: KAMI.com.gh

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