An open letter from an ex-Duterte supporter

An open letter from an ex-Duterte supporter

EDITOR’S NOTE: The word war between and among presidential candidates has trickled down to their supporters. Here is an opinion article from one of our readers, Charles de Belen. Charles is a law student and President of the Law Student Government of one of the top law schools in the country. This is his opinion on presidential candidate Rodrigo Duterte as a former supporter and it does not necessarily reflect the views of If you are interested to contribute a different or a supporting opinion on this matter, feel free to e-mail your work to

Letter to Mayor Duterete

When the issue first came out that you had the BPI account,you denied it and said it was not true.

A day after when overwhelming evidence came out that you have more than one account and that those accounts were tied to you, you finally backtracked and conceded that you do own the account but denied the 221 million pesos amount in the said account.

Subsequently, you argued that you have but 17,000 and 50,000 pesos only and reclaimed that you are a poor individual. Again a day after, you backtracked and now concedes that you do have 221 million pesos but those are gifts from "friends" and thus not included in your SALN.

Now, when we, the people who believed in you, simply requested that you waive your bank secrecy in conformity with your promise last month for us to know that our trust in you is not misplaced.. Sadly, your attorney now raises the defense that the heavily publicized waiver that you made last month is not admissible and void. You went back on your word yet again.

To Mayor Duterte, honestly what I admired most about you is what I thought before, that you were incorruptible; that you were a person of integrity. These are the only reasons why even after your permissive stance to the NPA, disregard to Phil. sovereignty and derogatory remarks on minorities, stances I found heavily unsettling, I looked past those in hopes that your incorruptibility and integrity can supplant all those.

But now given your actions of constantly taking back what you said just days after when you said it. Continuously being evasive on how you are going to operationalize your platforms, and now it looks like you are not at all that incorruptible as you accepted millions in "gifts" from your rich friends. Now I do not even know why I supported you to begin with. Its just so hard to try and again look past all of these.

I hope that you would answer these allegations head on and stop employing tactics of trapos in evading charges, I hope you start providing clear plans for your platforms, and I hope you stop playing politics and go back to who we thought you are as a person.

Sincerely, a disappointed ex-supporter


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