Millennials should invest in this

Millennials should invest in this


I was preparing to sleep after doing my time-consuming and tedious skincare inspired by Koreans when I heard muffled screams through my pillow. Getting up to investigate, I heard women and children crying and warnings, “MALAPIT NA ANG SUNOG!”

Startled and, definitely, in panic, I got up and woke up my son grabbing the pertinent documents and emergency bag I always keep by the door (thank God for that). It is a price I have to pay living in a slum with too much people per square meter. Believe me how surprised I was on how many people emerged from the “eskinitas” I used to glance at whenever I passed. It is an instant gathering of new faces who are my neighbors.

While we marvel at the fire scorching the electrical wires that caused it, I can help but wonder if buying that condo unit is a wise thing to do. While many investors claimed that real estate is a less risky form of investment, but like other investments, it may be gone in an instant.

In this time and age of Airbnb’s and sharing office spaces, is it still wise to find your roots and settle to a piece of land you can call your own? The current trend nowadays is to share rooms, offices, even rides with strangers. To stay in one place is old fashion.

Millennials are described as the YOLO generation characterized by building incredible start-ups and being wanderlust. Carefree yet confident! It is not easy for this generation to settle down in one place as they are always on the go.

We may learn something from this gutsy generation, seeing and experiencing things and going places are the things that we should all invest in. Memories and experiences that we can all bring to afterlife.

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