Netizen shares her experiences being in a long distance relationship

Netizen shares her experiences being in a long distance relationship

They say long distance relationships don't last long.

However, a netizen just proved that no matter what hardships a couple in an LDR faces, it will still be the love they have for each other that will prevail in the end.

Facebook user Rachel Amestoso shared her message for her long distance boyfriend who never gave up on her.

Photo from Rachel Amestoso's Facebook

She wrote:

"It was over.

It was supposed to be over. Long distance relationships rarely survive. In the beginning, you're a hundred percent convinced you can work it through. And that physical distance is nothing when no heart gets distant.

But I was wrong.

Months pass and the fire fades. It was me, wasn't it. I got bored with you, Jonathan. I get bored easily.

I find it easy to obsess myself over something and get bored with it immediately.

You were too kind for me. Too gentle. Too sweet. Too pure.

And i was the person i have always been: discontented, always craving for what is excessive and always hungry for trouble and thrill.

You treated me the way you said i deserved to be treated. And it was all new to me.

You see, after a series of mistakes, we get used to relationships being f*cked up and partners f*cking us over. Your kindess was unusual. And unfortunately, we all fear whatever is unusual.

My fears got in my head, this was too good to be true.

It scared me. It scared me because nothing in this world ever comes for free.

And i had to destroy us in my head. Because i suc*k at managing my thoughts and emotions. The perfection you embodied was difficult to grasp. I had to destroy it. I had to destroy whatever i cannot handle.

So I got annoyed. I got easily pissed. I found it necessary to make a habit out of making myself cringe. I reached for my safe place. My usual lost space. In my head I was finally home.

But there you were, constantly reminding me. Of the perfection i needed to embrace.

Distance makes the heart grow fonder, they said. But perhaps distance, sometimes, only makes the heart forget.

And maybe i have forgotten too many times.

And maybe you have forgiven me too many times.

My lack of understanding, impatience, and my unwillingness to stay sane when voices get in my head, should have been grounds for you to leave but you never did.

Photo from Rachel Amestoso's Facebook

You left me here but you never leave.

"I'm here to stay," you said.

And for the first time, after so many failures, I now believe.

Good guys exist. And they may be boring,

But they love you hard af.

Bad girls exist. And we may be problematic,

But the right guy makes us stay.

So i stay."

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