Ex-Darna star Nanette Medved is living a noble life and is married to a billionaire

Ex-Darna star Nanette Medved is living a noble life and is married to a billionaire

Former actress Nanette Medved disappeared from Philippine showbiz in the late 90s. What happened to her and how is she doing today?

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KAMI learned about her life today from Avid Fan and Philippine Star.

She is the star of “Darna” and “Humanap Ka ng Panget.”

In 1998, she graduated with honors Babson College in Wellesley, Massachusetts, earning degrees in Finance and Entrepreneurship.

Nanette is now 46 years old and is married to Christopher Po.

Christopher is the CEO Century Pacific Group – producer of Century Tuna – and chairman of Shakey’s fast food chain.

Nanette and Christopher have two children – Ganden and Joss Dechen.

The Darna star is also the founder of Generation Hope Inc. and Friends of Hope Inc., with the purpose of earning profits for the development and improvement of public schools and agriculture.

Nanette recently teamed up with Solenn Heussaff so that the latter could paint on shirts and help in gaining more profit for public schools.

“She (Nanette) called me and asked me because she knows I’m very much into art and I love drawing and their company works on building classrooms for the children, so when she asked me to do the collaboration, I couldn’t say no because it is something I love to do, art, and the same time, I’m helping for education for the kids,” Solenn said, according to Philippine Star.

Nanette was also included in Forbes’ 2017 Heroes of Philanthropy list in the Asia-Pacific.

“She began the venture in 2012, has spent nearly $900,000 and has sold almost 9 million bottles, built 37 classrooms and improved the learning environment for more than 7,000 students,” Forbes stated.

KAMI wants to remind you to do what you can in order to improve the society. You can contribute to your community whether you are rich or poor!

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