Vhong Navarro pulls off scary prank on unsuspecting Anne Curtis

Vhong Navarro pulls off scary prank on unsuspecting Anne Curtis

- A video of Vhong Navarro and Anne Curtis went viral

- The video shows Vhong pulling a prank on Anne

- Anne got extremely terrified by Vhong’s prank

Anne Curtis is always being pranked by her co-hosts on “It’s Showtime” since she seems to get easily terrified and panicky when being scared by others.

KAMI obtained a video of a recent prank on Anne from The PINOY Channel.

The video shows Anne walking alone along a corridor.

Vhong sneaked up on her and then surprised her from behind.

Anne’s reaction was hilarious, as she screamed her heart out and jumped away from Vhong.

Netizens were amused and entertained by Vhong’s hilarious prank video.

“Sobrang magugulatin talaga si Anne kaya favorite pagtripan nila Vhong, Vice at Jhong,” a netizen wrote.

“Laughtrip talaga ang hosts ng It’s Showtime talagang kitang kita na close sila sa isa’t-isa,” another online user observed.

KAMI wants to remind you to never forget to have fun with your co-workers! Your work would be much easier if you know how to enjoy yourself.

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Source: Kami.com.ph

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