Meet Linda Gorton, the Fil-Australian beauty who made Dennis Padilla believe in love again

Meet Linda Gorton, the Fil-Australian beauty who made Dennis Padilla believe in love again

"Bahala na. Hindi ko alam. Basta, I'm hoping for the best...Kaya gusto kong maging happy sa future siyempre."

This was Dennis Padilla’s statement some 7 years ago, when he was just 2 years into a relationship with then-25 year old Linda.

Linda Marie Gorton, a Filipino-Australian, has since been making Dennis Padilla very happy. The 24-year age gap between them was never considered a hindrance in their long-lasting relationship, as they have been together for almost 9 years now.

When asked whether he had any major adjustments on having a much younger girlfriend, according to Dennis,

"Well, siyempre yung mga pinapasyalan ninyo, yung mga pinupuntahan ninyo, mas bagets. Natututo nga akong pumunta ng... Ano ba yun? Republiq [disco bar in Pasay]. Hindi ko naman pinupuntahan yung mga gano'n, e."
"Siyempre, pupuntahan niya yung barkada niya. I have to join. Pag bagets ang girlfriend mo, parang bagets ka rin."

As the actor-comedian puts it, Linda has already met his kids with former wife Marjorie Barretto. Daughters Julia and Claudia were said to have given their approval of Linda, which made the father very happy. Aside from the two girls, Dennis also has a son with Marjorie, their youngest Leon.

Dennis also shared that Marjorie and Linda have already met at talent manager June Rufino’s Christmas party way back in 2009.

"Wala namang ilangan sa kanilang dalawa no'ng magkita sila. Ako nga yung natensiyon, e," kuwento niya.”

This former Caloocan councilor, who ventured into politics sometime in 1998, is now back to focusing on his showbiz career. He was also recently appointed as MTRCB board member by President Rodrigo Duterte.

As for his family life, things seem to be going really great for Dennis these days. He is happily living-in with his partner Linda, and together they have three kids - 2 girls named Rizzi and Maddie, and a son named Gavin.

KAMI wants to remind everyone that second chances in love and life are oftentimes for the best. One wrong thing happening in your life should not dishearten you and make you give up; instead, it should encourage and motivate you to seek better opportunities. Welcome change, because it is only through change that we actually grow as a person.

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