Jiro Manio on finally leaving rehab: “Gusto ko nang magbago.”

Jiro Manio on finally leaving rehab: “Gusto ko nang magbago.”

-Jiro Manio was the child star to watch out for, what with all the acting awards he amassed at such a young age - things were looking up for him, and this star was only going to shine even brighter

-Or so we all thought. Things took a different spin and it brought Jiro towards a dark, difficult, and depressing path

-After succumbing to illegal dr*g abuse and an almost 2-year stint at a wellness facility, Jiro is deemed to be “dr*g-free” and is finally out of rehab

Jiro Manio leaves rehab

Image source: PEP.ph

KAMI got this local showbiz scoop from pep.ph

Jiro Manio is already out of rehab and reunited with his family. This, despite him not finishing his entire treatment plan and cutting short his stay at the rehab facility.

According to the rehab center administrators, Jiro approached them and asked whether he can now be finally released from the rehabilitation center in Bataan.

Even if it wasn’t really time for him to go just yet, they conceded and gave in to his desires, seeing Jiro was in the right age to decide for himself anyway.

Jiro Manio leaves rehab

Jiro Manio leaves rehab (Credits: PEP.ph)

Jiro was said to have asked politely, with the promise of doing good in the outside world and helping out with the advocacies of the rehab facility. According to the former child star, he is itching to spend time with his family already.

He also added that whatever happens to him outside, however his life may turn out, Ai-ai delas Alas should not be held accountable for anymore, since the actress has already done so much to help him.

It can be recalled that in June 2015, Jiro was taken into rehab custody after photos of him aimlessly roaming around NAIA Terminal 3 became viral online.

After his family pleaded help from Jiro’s showbiz friends, Ai-ai de las Alas, who portrayed Jiro’s mother in the hit movie “Ang Tanging Ina”, boldly stepped forward and took on the challenge.

Jiro Manio leaves rehab

Jiro Manio leaves rehab

Ai-ai has since been helping shoulder all the expenses of putting Jiro into rehab, as well as paying for all his needs.

In January 2016, he was first released from rehab, but was then put back in just a couple of months later due to some “lapses” on his part. On October, he had a chance to have a “guided conversation” with Ai-ai, where Jiro was quoted to have said:

“Nagpapasalamat ako dahil tinulungan mo ako, e... Dahil ni-rescue mo ako,”
“At saka humihingi ako ng tawad…”
“Gusto ko nang magbago.”
“Yung totoo lang, kinalimutan ko na kung ano man ang nangyari sa akin, wala na sa isip ko. Ayaw ko nang balikan pa yung masasamang bisyo.”

Jiro Manio leaves rehab

Image: Jiro Katakura on Facebook

KAMI wishes to remind everyone that illegal dr*gs do no good to our minds and bodies at all. They may provide a temporary high and relief from whatever pain, sadness, and troubles we go through, but that’s not the way to go -- we should shun away from dr*gs as they do nothing but destroy lives and ruin relationships. Also, we at KAMI strongly believe in second chances and hope for a new and better life.

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