Isabelle Daza & Nico Bolzico pull off cruel prank on Solenn Heussaff

Isabelle Daza & Nico Bolzico pull off cruel prank on Solenn Heussaff

- Isabelle Daza decided to prank Solenn Heussaff in a wine store

- Nico Bolzico was an accomplice in the prank

- Solenn cursed and lost her cool on Nico during the prank

People love to pull pranks on their closest friends. That is exactly what happened between Filipina celebrities Isabelle Daza and Solenn Heussaff.

KAMI obtained a video of Isabelle’s prank on Solenn from The PINOY Channel.

The prank involved the cooperation of Solenn’s then-boyfriend Nico Bolzico (her husband now) and other accomplices.

Nico had to “accidentally” destroy a P200-K wine bottle and then disrespect a fan in a wine store.

Solenn’s reaction to Nico’s behavior in the wine store was just hilarious! She could not help but curse as her then-boyfriend caused chaos in the store.

Netizens were entertained by the cruel prank.

“LOL! Hindi malaman ni Solenn kung paano ihandle yung sitwasyon! Parang gulat na gulat siya na nawala sa bait bigla si Nico,” a netizen wrote.

(Solenn did not know how to handle the situation. She seems so surprised that Nico suddenly lost his cool!)

KAMI wants to remind you to stay calm and poised even if things are not going so well. What happened to Nico and Solenn was just a prank, but many people do become different people during stressful situations. Don’t be one of them!

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