Ten impeccably flawless performances of Jessica Sanchez in American Idol Season 11. Tracking down the top 10 most viewed on YouTube.

Ten impeccably flawless performances of Jessica Sanchez in American Idol Season 11. Tracking down the top 10 most viewed on YouTube.

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-Jessica Elizabeth Sanchez, 21-year old born on August 4, 1995.

-American Idol Season 11, first placer.

-She started the online craze of Filipino singers performing well in international talent shows such as American Idol.

-Since then, more Pinoys are trying out their luck in these popular international talent contents.

-Let's make a Flashback Friday for Jessica Sanchez's powerful performances and most viewed YouTube videos with millions of views.

The Best Finale Performance - A Duet With "the" Jennifer Holliday- And I Am Telling You I'm Not Going

Their full of emotions and massive duet ended up with a standing ovation from the entire audience of the show including the judges, host, and the staff and crew. It was exemplary.

Jessica's innate brilliance and the versatility of her voice brought huge superstars like Jennifer Holiday to admire her dearly and support her in the contest.

Let's take a look back at the 10 impressive performances of Jessica Sanchez in American Idol leading her to the first spot, and almost taking the title.

10. I'll Be There by Jackson 5

This top 3 performance in American Idol of Jessica Sanchez led her to step up to the top 2 finalists. The video has received a total of 1,421,700 views.

9. Bohemian Rhapsody by Queen

This rendition of the Bohemian rhapsody of Jessica Sanchez received a total view of 1,762,335 views.

8. Everybody Has A Dream by Billy Joel

This Billy Joel song was covered by Jessica Sanchez as she competes in the Top 10. The video has received 2,452,169 views.

7. And I Am Telling You by Jennifer Holliday

This top 4 performance of Jessica Sanchez left everyone speechless thinking how can a big voice come out from a petite body. Thus, this performance led her through to the next round, and the video has garnered 3,137,459 total number of views.

6. The Prayer by Celine Dion

The Prayer was her song that brought her to the top 24 finalists. She sang the song again in the grand finals with 3,218,687 total number of views.

5. Stuttering by Jazmine Sullivan

This top 7 performance of Jessica Sanchez despite her flawless cover of the song she was placed at the bottom 3 that made everyone stunned and left wondering what happened. It led her being booted out, but the judges saw her innate brilliance and saved her. The total number of views Jessica received for this impeccable performance is 3,653,443 views.

4. I Don't Want To Miss A Thing by Aerosmith

Jessica was brave enough to sing the song of Steven Tyler of Aerosmith's I Don't Want To Miss A Thing, and she did well like she always does. This video received a total number of 3,544,844 views.

3. Dance With My Father Again by Luther Vandross

Jessica's rendition of Luther Vandross's Dance With My Father Again is the best version ever sang even Jennifer Lopez couldn't agree more. This heartwarming performance gathered 3,884,215 views.

2. Sweet Dreams by Beyonce

Queen B noticed this beautiful cover of Sweet Dreams of Jessica Sanchez that she even posted the video on her official website. Thus, the video went viral getting 3,933,633 total number of views.

1. I Will Always Love You by Whitney Houston

This song gave her an outstanding boost to the competition. She received a standing ovation for this performance that she was even asked to sing this song during a tribute show for Whitney Houston. Thus, it is expected that this performance leads all her performances in the show. She got 5,599,585 views.

The video of this performance from American Idol couldn't be found from their list. Nonetheless, we found this video.

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