PBB former housemate Wendy Valdez asks for prayers as her baby undergoes an operation

PBB former housemate Wendy Valdez asks for prayers as her baby undergoes an operation

KAMI spotted the Instagram post of Wendy Valdez about her son's rare condition. She then asks for prayers as her baby undergoes an operation.

In a lengthy post last week, Wendy opened up that during her ultrasound four months into her pregnancy, it was discovered that her baby has a cyst at the bottom of his spine.

She wrote, "God is good even in our son's birth defect.

When God promised to give us children, I thought we will have twins at once, instead we had only Seth. We were so excited, but in just 4 months, our excitement turned into pain when instead of knowing his gender, we saw that our child has cyst at the bottom of his spine. The doctor would not tell us what he knew, and we saw how his face dropped after that ultrasound. He told us to update him with whatever the scan will let us know. I walked in confusion and tears. I did not now what our child has, or what was going on. The next scans, ultrasounds, and check ups were consisted of bad news after bad news. As I read in google, what the doctor could not confirm to us straight in the beginning, I have cried in so much agony to God. My son has spina bifida. A neuro defect that may be prevented by taking folic acid before you get pregnant. Im glad I did take folic acid even before we got married. If not, I would have blamed myself for what happened to Seth. My knowledge of who God is, made me understand that He is in complete control no matter what. Children born on the streets do not even have anything to eat sometimes, and yet they can be born normal and without any complications. What we heard were consistent. Your child needs operation. Since its sacral spina bifida, it may affect his bladder, his bowel movement, and worst he may never walk. His brain may be pulled down by the cyst and may make him autistic or have his brain affected, or have hydrocephalus. If he can't be operated, he may have infection that can cause him to have cerebral palsy...I had a day, when I was just in so much anguish. God promised Seth to us, but it seemed like He was being taken away so soon. Or our dream of us enjoying him became tortures of worry and fear. Questions were coming into my head. Why do the wicked prosper? Why people who don't want children would have them? Why people who deliberately disobey God have normal children? Am I being punished because of my past? How will our child live? How could we take care of him? How can we make him accept his condition? "

Early this day she then posted a photo of her baby getting ready for the operation and asked for prayers.

"Help us storm the heavens with prayers as our little prince undergo operation at 10am today. Father we ask for your hand to annoint our doctors who would facilitate in the surgery of Seth. May you guide their hands, na sana po walang matamaan na nerves at maiclose po ang lesion on his back without affecting any other areas of his brain or body. May the operation be a success, and please embrace Sethy so he would not be in pain. Surround him with your angels, and sana po gumaling sya agad para mayakap at mahalikan na namin sya, and maiuwi po sa bahay. We ask for your mercy and grace Lord, and lead us to trust always in the goodness of your character with whatever you allow to happen, in Jesus mighty name.



Salamat po sa lahat ng nagdadasal kasama namin. ❤"

And later this evening, she gave update as the operation goes well and successful.

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Source: Kami.com.ph

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